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Swat’s Winter Wonderland Draws Record Tourists

January 12, 2024

PESHAWAR – Swat district, dubbed the “Switzerland of Pakistan,” has become a top winter travel destination thanks to its seven distinctive traits that appeal to adventure and snow sports aficionados. Snowfall, ice skiing, snow-covered mountain slopes, and trout fishing are a few of these. A visitor from Nowshera named Umar Khayam expressed his delight over his wedding trip to Kalam Valley, saying he was mesmerized by the splendor of Malam Jabba, Bahrain, Madain, and Gabin Jabba.

Swat is well-known for its wide range of activities, including ice hockey, adventure skiing, river rafting, and easy access via the Swat freeway. The area was once home to the ancient Gandhara culture, lending it a rich historical legacy. Senior research officer Bakht Zada Khan drew attention to the archeological value of Swat, drawing in Buddhists, monks, and archaeologists from all over the world.

Seeking the excitement of snowfall, tourists from a variety of towns, including Peshawar, Lahore, and Islamabad, swarm to Kalam, Malam Jabba, and Bahrain. The yearly skiing event in Malam Jabba distinguishes Swat from other national travel attractions.

With a length of 150 kilometers, the Swat River offers adventure sports aficionados an action-packed day excursion. If developed for river rafting, suitable locations such as Fazagut, Fatehpur, Barikot, and Chakdara might become major tourist destinations.

Among the more than fifty high-altitude lakes, Mahogany Lake is a popular tourist destination. This place offers a unique experience with its azure waters and boat cruises through winter snowfall. Trekkers and mountaineers are faced with difficulties by the snow-capped peaks of Elum, Mankial, and Falakser.

With a record-breaking 16,988,946 visitors in 2023 including those from the Hazara and Swat divisions KP demonstrated its increasing international prominence. An Rs238 million project that focuses on winter sports and tourism events in several districts, including Swat, is in progress to increase tourism even more. Furthermore, the government is making significant investments in road infrastructure to link popular tourist destinations with the Swat motorway.

The goal of the Hazara and Malakand divisions’ operational tourism police is to assist visitors, with a concentration on the winter months. Because of the cold temperature, visitors to Upper Swat are urged to bring warm clothing and sweaters to ensure a relaxing and delightful stay in this winter wonderland.

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