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Total 449,000 Tourists Visited Swat in 2023

January 3, 2024

Known for its stunning natural beauty, Swat Valley saw a rise in tourism in 2023, drawing 449,000 people overall, 4,000 of which were international visitors from 108 different nations. Deputy Commissioner Dr. Qasim Ali Khan, the Upper Swat Development Authority’s Director General, made the announcement.

Even with the difficulties caused by the devastating floods in 2002, Swat Valley has managed to draw tourists from all over the world. The year 2023 witnessed a notable rise in the number of tourists visiting this scenic area as compared to the year before, demonstrating its ongoing popularity.

The travelers traveled to a number of fascinating locations in Swat in 2023, including Mahodand, Madyan, Marghuzar, Kalam, Bahrain, Malam Jabba, and Gabin Jabba. Significantly, more than 4,000 international travelers from 108 countries choose Swat as their travel destination. These travelers came from countries including China, Australia, Afghanistan, Germany, and the United States.

In order to promote tourism in the valley, Dr. Qasim Ali emphasized the joint efforts of the district administration, the police, and the Upper Swat Development Authority. To boost the tourism industry, the government is aggressively promoting new travel destinations and improving existing infrastructure and amenities. The local populace is thus anticipated to have more options for a living as a result of this.

The emphasis on boosting tourism in Swat is in line with a larger plan to use the area’s natural beauty to spur economic growth. As seen by the wide variety of nations represented among the foreign visitors, authorities hope to promote international linkages in addition to strengthening the local economy by positioning Swat as a tourist-friendly destination.

The chairman of the Upper Swat Development Authority Board, Ahmed Khan, expressed his happiness with the significant increase in visitors to Swat over the course of the previous year. The encouraging feedback from both local and foreign tourists highlights Swat Valley’s potential to become a well-known travel destination and boost the local economy.

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