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PMD Predicted More Rain and Snowfall in Murree, Galyat

February 6, 2024

ISLAMABAD: More rain and snowfall are expected for Murree and Galyat on Monday evening and night, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

Most of Pakistan is being affected by a westerly wave, according to the synoptic conditions. For the next twenty-four hours, it is most likely to prevail.

In Murree, Galyat, and the neighboring areas, a rain-wind/thunderstorm with snowfall is anticipated on Monday evening/night, given these conditions.

Tuesday is predicted to be partly cloudy, with cold temperatures in Murree, Galyat, and the neighboring areas.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Murree’s minimum temperature is predicted to range from -03 to -01 degrees Celsius.

In the meantime, the past day brought frigid temperatures to Murree, Galyat, and other national tourist destinations. There were sporadic areas of light snowfall and precipitation in Galyat.

The temperature in Murree fell by 3 C below freezing. In the morning, 82% of the air was reported to be relative humidity.

Large numbers of tourists kept coming to Murree and Galyat, severely taxing the infrastructure that was already in place. There was a traffic gridlock in Murree and on the routes to Galyat and other tourist attractions due to the large number of tourists there to observe the snowfall.

Visitors bemoaned the scarcity of parking spaces, the sharp rise in commodity costs, and the high cost of hotel accommodations. They also expressed dissatisfaction with the unprofessional behavior of Malika-e-Kohsar company owners and staff.

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