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Heavy Snowfall Disrupts Life in Upper Parts of Pakistan

February 3, 2024

Over the past three days, heavy rain and snowfall have affected the northern and higher regions, including the well-known hill resort Murree. This has caused a dramatic drop in temperature and disrupted daily life.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority has ordered the Murree district administration to be on high alert (PDMA). Over the past few hours, the hill station has received 0.5 inches of snowfall.

In addition, the Met Office has predicted that the city and its suburbs will see a lot of snowfall throughout the course of the next day. A PDMA spokesman claims that salt is being sprinkled on municipal roadways to promote easy traffic flow.

In addition, he said, “snow is also being removed from the routes using heavy machinery.” Furthermore, visitors are cautioned to schedule their trips to the hill station during periods of good weather.

However, the drought in Tirah Valley has ended with the first snowfall of the winter season.

Furthermore, the area’s residents are cut off from their surroundings due to road blockades caused by the significant snowfall that has persisted in Upper Dir.

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