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Pakistan’s Strategic Moves to Foster Religious Tourism

February 10, 2024

ISLAMABAD: A spokesman for the Pakistan Tourism Development Cooperation (PTDC) said on Sunday that the government of Pakistan has implemented “numerous measures” to encourage religious tourism since it has the potential to boost the nation’s economy.

A spokesman for the PTDC said that of the 480 tourist spots in the South Asian nation, 120 are religious sites. Several of the most well-known religions in the world, including Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity, have temples and other places of worship in Pakistan.

An Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) story cited a PTDC spokeswoman as saying, “The government has already taken numerous measures to promote religious tourism in the country as this sector can play an important role in reviving the national economy.”

According to the spokeswoman, Pakistan’s historical and recreational attractions get close to 0.9 million foreign visitors each year. The government, he continued, was stepping up efforts to maintain law and order in order to draw in more foreign visitors, as “religious-based tourism is flourishing and attracting different communities.”

The representative stated, “It is crucial to understand that religious practices and beliefs are sacred to their adherents.” “There is a great deal of goodwill generated by acknowledging, respecting, and accommodating these beliefs.”

Senior Buddhist monks and representatives from other nations convened in Islamabad, Pakistan, in July for a three-day symposium aimed at highlighting the rich Buddhist legacy of the South Asian nation and highlighting the significance of the Gandhara civilization.

The 4 km-long Kartarpur corridor, which allows Sikh pilgrims to travel from Dera Baba Nanak in India to the final resting place of their religion’s founder, Guru Nanak, in Kartarpur, Pakistan, was inaugurated in November 2019 by the prime ministers of Pakistan and India. The corridor is free of visa requirements.

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