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Pakistan Invites Chinese Investors To Explore Tourism Opportunities

November 29, 2023

Syed Wasi Shah, the acting minister of state for tourism, expressed excitement about 2023 being designated as the Pakistan and China Year of Tourism, highlighting the potential for the event to strengthen the travel and tourism sector. Shah emphasized the close ties between Pakistan and China and urged Chinese investment in Pakistan at an event hosted by the Pakistan-China Friendship Association of Khyber with the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). He mentioned how China’s people spent a lot of money on travel and tourism before the global epidemic, indicating the country’s growing interest in these activities. Shah emphasized Pakistan’s potential to become a must-visit location for Chinese travelers and its rich cultural and natural legacy. He also discussed initiatives to improve training seminars and Chinese-language marketing materials to strengthen tourism collaboration between the two nations. The event’s overall goal was to improve Pakistan-China cultural and tourist relations while using the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other economic prospects.

ISLAMABAD Syed Wasi Shah, the acting minister of state for tourism, stated on Tuesday that the commemoration of 2023 as China’s and Pakistan’s Year of Tourism will open the door to further improving efforts to advance the travel and tourism sector.

Speaking at the Pakistan-China Year of Tourism-2023 ceremony, which was arranged by the Pakistan-China Friendship Association of Khyber in partnership with the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), the minister stated that Pakistan’s friendship with the brotherly nation of China was deeper than oceans, sweeter than honey, and stronger than mountains. Pakistan also extended a warm invitation to Chinese friends to invest in the nation.

According to Shah, travelers from all over the world have long been captivated by China, a country known for its modern marvels and age-old customs. “With a population of over 1.4 billion, Chinese people have shown a growing desire for travel, both within the country and outside of it,” he continued.

Before the worldwide health crisis, he informed the attendees that Chinese visitors traveling abroad spent over 255 billion dollars on travel-related expenses. It demonstrated the Chinese people’s zeal for global exploration. According to the Minister, over 155 million Chinese tourists visited other countries in 2019, greatly boosting the economies of the host nations.

“We can capitalize on this worldwide wanderlust and establish Pakistan as a must-see location on their travel schedules.” According to Wasi Shah, Pakistan boasts an abundance of religious and cultural sites, stunning natural beauty, a glorious past, and a vast Buddhist legacy. He also mentioned Takht-i-Bhai, which offers a unique and well-preserved glimpse into history, and Mohenjo Daro, which is connected to the Indus Valley and its museum, which provides a diverse testament to the journey of humanity.

He remarked that there are beautiful examples of Gandhara art, which combines Buddhist and Hellenistic forms, all across the area. “Impressive collections of Gandhara artifacts are housed in many museums in Pakistan, including the Lahore Museum,” he stated. As part of the Pak China Year of Tourism, PTDC arranged many webinars to improve business-to-business connections between Chinese and Pakistani travel companies. He said that from August 22 to September 11, 2023, two personnel from the PTDC and one from the Gilgit Baltistan Tourism Department attended a training seminar on tourism promotion for underdeveloped countries in Beijing, China.

He added, “We have also prepared our books on Pakistan and the Buddhist Heritage Trail in Chinese to promote bilateral tourism. These can now be found on our website as e-publications and in printed form. Additionally, we collaborate closely with our Embassy in Beijing, which is making every effort to advance travel to China.

He stated that the Chinese Embassy had received a tonne of information about Pakistani tourism destinations, which was posted in Chinese on their website to advise those who would be interested in traveling there. He says Chinese tourists can now apply online for a tourist visa using our e-portal.

The minister expressed great satisfaction in revealing that PTDC would also send a group of tour operators to the China Outbound Travel and Tourism Mart in Beijing in November 2023. “Creating B2B connections between the tour operators in both countries will be extremely beneficial, and as a result, traveler traffic between the two countries will rise even more,” he continued.

Nonetheless, he stated that much opportunity was anticipated to materialize over the next few decades due to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other commercial endeavors. China’s Cultural Consular Zheng Heqing expressed gratitude to Pakistan for marking 2023 as China and Pakistan’s Year of Tourism, which will help advance bilateral travel between the two countries. He also said that China is very interested in investing in Pakistan’s tourism sector.

He also praised PTDC and Wasi Shah, the State Minister, for their contributions to the nation’s tourist industry. “Gandhara tourism is very famous in Pakistan,” he continued. “Pakistan is rich in cultural and religious heritages as both countries have a long history of civilizations.” He predicted that this year’s collaboration between the two nations would help to advance cultural tourism.

Senior Journalist and Analyst Saleem Safi stated that the CPEC was a gift from our friendly nation, China and that the friendship between Pakistan and China was model, tried, and authentic. He said that Pakistan made every effort to guarantee a tranquil atmosphere at tourist destinations to attract foreign visitors.

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