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Increasing Interest from Foreign Tourists in Pakistan

November 30, 2023

Gwadar: Gwadar Smart Port City Master PGoZayaan Pakistan Managing Director Muhammad Komer Abbas said that Pakistani tourism is gradually increasing despite the continuing economic and political turmoil. He said the number of foreign tourists is increasing, and many international tourists are visiting Pakistan.

GoZayaan is a Bangladesh-based travel startup that acquired Pakistani company FindMyAdventure a year ago for $3.5 million. FindMyAdventure was founded by Muhammad Komail Abbas, currently the managing director of GoZayaan Pakistan.

In his first year in Pakistan, Gozayan served more than 80,000 travelers, including 12,000 foreign and 68,000 domestic tourists. The company claims to have contributed $20 million to the local hotel industry and generated $4 million in revenue.

Challenges Faced By The Domestic Tourism Industry

The industry faces various economic, political, and security challenges that affect the number of tourists visiting the country each year. Terrorist attacks, violence, and political instability have resulted in negative media coverage, making it difficult for Pakistan to attract international tourists.

In addition,  inadequate infrastructure and a lack of reliable accommodation, including poor transportation networks and limited access to basic amenities, further discourage tourists from visiting Japan.

Surge in Tourism

Despite all these challenges, industry insiders say the industry has seen a rise in tourism following the end of COVID-19 protocols. “The devaluation of the rupee has made Pakistan a cheaper option for international travelers, and that is why the number of tourists visiting Pakistan is increasing yearly,” Abbas told the Lakeshore City.

 “According to available data, around 12-15% of tourists are foreign tourists, and the remaining 85% are domestic tourists. Since COVID-19, the number of international travelers has increased sharply, whereas previously, the increase was around 5-6%.  “The devaluation of the rupee has made international travel more expensive, leading to a surge in domestic tourism.

” Given the current economic environment, travelers prefer to pay in rupees. ” Meanwhile, Rocket Tourism CEO Fahad Vohra said that tourism policies such as visa relaxation in 2019 were the main reason for the upturn in international tourism.  “As soon as the policy came into effect, COVID-19 occurred, so we could not see the results, but as soon as the pandemic protocols were lifted, we saw a significant influx of domestic and international tourists.  ” Vohra told Lakeshore City.

Tourism Growth May Be Trimmed Amid High Inflation

Mr.Vohra said that tourism has grown so far, but people continue to travel even after soaring fuel prices and unprecedented inflation. He said he was skeptical. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abbas also said that this will be the first tourist season in which a significant impact of inflation on the market will be observed.

“Last year, fuel prices affected many tourists’ travel plans, but other cost items generally did not. This year, prices have increased from electricity to gas to food and beverages.

The only factor that could cushion the worst impact is a rise in the exchange rate.

Yes, that means tourists who are less susceptible to inflation will choose to travel locally,” Abbas added. LAN (2019-2025) developed rapidly. The project includes development strategies in 13 key areas.

According to information, the master plan aims to transform the city’s outdated infrastructure into a modern metropolis through various projects. These development initiatives include developing the CBD, redeveloping old city streets, building parks, promoting green growth, establishing ecological corridors, identifying tourist attractions,  and promoting digitalization and skills-based economy growth. All these developments aim to provide a better life for the residents by providing employment opportunities and various other benefits.

These include water supply projects and dam completion, such as Shadi Kaur and Soud.

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