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A Tourist Guide to Arang Kel

November 25, 2023

The settlement of Arang Kel is surrounded by lush vegetation, and other than the blooming trees and plants, there are no more apparent indications of life. For those looking for a unique natural setting, this makes it a desirable location. However, given its distant location from significant thoroughfares, travelers should budget for relatively high lodging and meal prices. However, even a single night spent here would be remembered fondly, particularly when illuminated by a full moon.

Everything you need to know about Arang Kel, including its facilities, activities, and attractions, is covered in detail in Lakeshore City.

Arang Kel Village

Many people regard the charming town of Arang Kel as a little piece of heaven on Earth. The hike to this hidden gem is strenuous. It takes about an hour, but every step is worth it when the fantastic view opens up. The tranquility and beauty of this picturesque refuge were immediately apparent upon arrival.

A mysterious change occurs as twilight draws near, casting everything in a calming shade of blue that envelops everything until it’s time to head inside for the night. During the day, the brilliant sunshine makes its way through the complex network of tree branches, illuminating everything before fading into the shadows.

Arang Kel Weather

Arang Kel has a pleasant summer climate, while the winters can be frigid. Because of its mountaintop location, the community benefits from a steady breeze that reduces the heat. When the sky is clear, the chilly air makes for a fantastic opportunity to view the stunning peaks of Mount Nanga Parbat, which provide an unhindered view.

Best Time to Visit Arang Kel

There are many things to do in this hidden valley for all ages throughout the year, but April through October are the best months to visit Arang Kel. In particular, July is a great month to go hiking in the highlands and other beautiful places.

It is best to schedule your visit in the spring or summer to appreciate the meadows’ attractiveness fully. Before embarking on your journey to this place, plan your trip appropriately because there is less foot traffic during heavy snowfall or rainfall.


The popular tourist destination Arang Kel, located in Kashmir, has plenty of things for guests to enjoy. Here are a few instances:

Hiking Track

To get to their destination and take in the breathtaking views, visitors to Arang Kel can use a chairlift or cable car. For those curious or strongly desire adventure rather than just convenience, we advise using the hiking trail to get a firsthand look at nature.

The hike runs slightly over three kilometers from Kel to Arang Kel and usually takes three hours. Known as one of the most picturesque paths in the Neelum Valley, this trail is just as breathtaking as its counterparts despite being more moderate in difficulty.


Perched above Kel, Arang Kel is reachable by chairlift operated under the direction of Pakistan’s military and overseen by the Local Government and Rural Development Department. Using the chairlift first can save time, but the trek to Arang Kel from the base takes around an hour. Usually, the chairlift service costs between 160 and 230 Pakistani Rupees ($0.70 and $1).


One of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan’s Neelum Valley is Arang Kel. Perfect for hikers and those looking for sweeping vistas, it provides a chairlift ride to a height surrounded by lush meadows and snow-capped peaks. The cool, refreshing breezes bring the beautiful songs of singing birds, making it easy for guests to lose themselves in the peace and temporarily forget about the hustle and bustle of life below.

Forest and River

Beautiful rivers and trees may be found in Arang Kel. There are two routes to the summit: one crosses freshwater streams, while the other meanders through thick pine trees. Both roads are renowned for their distinct beauty, offering nature lovers a great experience. This is the ideal location if you’re looking for a quiet haven to relax in and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Icy Mountains

Hiking around these breathtaking mountains covered in snow is a must-do for adventure seekers, as it promises to be a fantastic experience. Set out early in the morning, enjoying the adventure as you travel, stopping at campgrounds until finally heading back home or even deciding to camp at the top.

Snow Falling

The winter snowfall in Kashmir’s Arang Kel Village is well-known. However, it is less suited for casual travelers looking for a laid-back vacation due to the problematic weather. This is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for an exciting adventure. Snow lovers willing to brave the weather will be rewarded with an exceptional and unforgettable experience.


There are so many things to see and see in Arang Kel that visitors always want more. One of the most treasured locations in the area, this Kashmiri jewel welcomes every visitor with warmth and kindness and provides an opportunity to explore its spirit. Arang Kel will dazzle you with its breathtaking views, genuine Kashmiri hospitality, and rich history woven into its fabric. It’s a fantastic experience that’s just a short distance from home.


There are several camping alternatives available to visitors to Arang Kel. To spend a visit with their family and friends, they can either bring their tents to the lovely valleys of Arang or reserve a pod in advance. To further accommodate the varied demands and tastes of tourists looking for an unforgettable experience, locals also provide a range of housing options and culinary services at varying price points.


You have to hike for a long time through thick forests to reach the breathtaking Arang Kel Valley. The hike culminates at an elevation that makes you feel like you are at the top of Mount Everest but with less oxygen. Once you reach the summit, you’ll see why the effort was worthwhile since one of Asia’s most breathtaking valleys sits below.

For beginners, the round trip usually takes around two hours. Experienced hikers, however, can finish it in forty minutes or even less. Taking the cable car instead of walking is best to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you. It is important to remember that hiking is prohibited at night, not even in shorter summer evenings.


Winter is the ideal time of year to enjoy exhilarating skiing experiences at Arang Kel Village! Only an hour’s drive from Srinagar, Arang Kel offers the perfect environment for a thrilling day of snow sports. It’s an excellent place for beginners and experienced skiers to improve their skills because it provides a range of beginner-friendly slopes. There’s nothing like relaxing by the fire after a thrilling day on the slopes.

This does not, however, imply a lack of excitement because there are plenty of high-adrenaline activities, such as snowboarding and sledding, as well as other leisurely options for those looking for a more laid-back experience. Every visitor’s preferences are considered at Arang Kel Village, guaranteeing a fun winter vacation.

Horse Riding

One of the most popular tourist activities in Arang Kel and other northern Pakistani regions is still horseback riding. The people who live there take great care of these horses, especially the tourists who come to ride for fun. Enjoy a lovely horseback ride while enjoying the spectacular green countryside views. There are more magical places around that can be explored and discovered while galloping through the verdant meadows.


Have you ever enjoyed the warmth of a bonfire in the magnificent backdrop of forested hills beneath a starry sky? If not, you can have this fantastic experience by visiting Arang Kel. Savor a cozy bonfire in this magical place on chilly evenings while gazing at the enormous, starry sky of millions of glittering stars. The sheer magic of this location never ceases to astound those who go to experience it for themselves.

Reaching Arang Kel from Azad Kashmir

You must allow yourself one hour and ten minutes to drive to Sharda via Neelam Valley before you can begin your trek to Arang Kel. Sharda is a well-known rest stop in the area since travelers frequently look for it before continuing their journey. After that, the drive to Arang Kel from Sharda usually takes two hours; however, this can change because of continuous road maintenance.

Once there, you can take a chairlift that will take you more than 200 feet higher or walk the one-kilometer route via the winding mountain paths (though you are not required to do either). You can bicycle or walk up the slopes, but the hard work will be well worth it when you arrive at the fascinating site of Arang Kel.


Offering many amenities that attract tourists, the village of Arang Kel in Kashmir is a fascinating travel destination. Here are a few of the noteworthy tourist attractions:


Various fine eateries are waiting for you in Kashmir’s slopes. Arang Kel Village’s Mustafa Palace is a treasure where you can savor delicious Mediterranean fare like gyros and kebabs. It’s the perfect place to have a fun supper with loved ones.

The Rose Palace Hotel and Restaurant, which offers breathtaking views of the valley below and is situated outside Srinagar city close to Anantnag District, is another noteworthy establishment. You will be yearning more after eating this restaurant’s authentic Indian cuisine, which includes their famous naan bread.

A must-visit for anyone looking for a varied dining experience is the Pak Kashmir Hotel. This hotel offers an expansive buffet with a variety of international cuisines. This includes American cuisine like burgers and fries and Chinese and Italian food. To make the most of your visit, check their calendar in advance since they also have live music performances every night.

Resorts and Hotels

Travelers can visit and spend one or two nights at several hotels and resorts. The Hill View Hotel is one such establishment. This hotel is unique and is situated in Arang Kel. Family-friendly accommodations with balconies that offer breathtaking views of the surroundings are available at this location. With outstanding hospitality and on-site culinary services, Hill View Guest House offers all the conveniences needed for a cozy and pleasant homestay.

The eateries in Arang Kel are conveniently close to the Elysium Inn Guest House. Like other guesthouses in the vicinity, it also provides the practicality of a private kitchen. The charming views of the lovely meadows are available from every room at the Elysium Inn Guest House.


Arang Kel Village’s Kel Market in Azad Kashmir is a well-known place to shop for regional products. Various goods, such as apparel, jewelry, crafts, fabrics, spices, and more, are available at this vibrant market!

You will enjoy looking through this market’s wares if you’re looking for something that captures the spirit of this picturesque location. The merchants are well renowned for being friendly and accommodating. They help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a new pair of socks or a beautiful decoration.

Hiking Sticks

Everyone can enjoy hiking, but having the proper gear is imperative to ensure safety. Luckily, hiking sticks are available for rent at Arang Kel Village for a small charge of 30 rupees. These sturdy sticks give you stability, especially on slick surfaces or steep inclines, so you can easily keep your balance. They won’t weigh you down while you trek through the forest or by a mountain stream because they are lightweight and portable.

Tour Guides

Hiring a tour guide from Arang Kel Village is an excellent option if you’re considering visiting Kashmir and looking for an engaging pastime. These competent local guides will show you around the best spots in the area and provide cultural insights.

Arang Kel Village tours are available on many websites. If you choose to go without a tour guide, the people there are always friendly and willing to assist.


The most frequently asked questions concerning Arang Kel are listed here.

Q1.What time of year is ideal for visiting Arang Kel?

Ans: A visit to Arang Kel is best made between April and October. These months are ideal for outdoor activities because of the lovely weather.

Q2. How do I get to the village of Arang Kel?

Ans: A two-hour hike through the woods or a chairlift ride are the two ways to get to Arang Kel. Military and local government officials supervise the chairlift to guarantee its security.

Q3: What are the most well-liked things to do in Arang Kel?

A: Popular things to do in Arang Kel include hiking, horseback riding, skiing in the winter, and tasting the regional delicacies.

Q4: What lodging alternatives are there in Arang Kel?

A: Arang Kel does provide a range of lodging choices, including campgrounds and guesthouses. These all offer cozy accommodations amidst the breathtaking scenery of the area.

Q5:What attractions in Arang Kel are a must-see?

A: The stunning valleys and Mount Nanga Parbat are two of Arang Kel’s must-see sights. You can also check out the charming meadows with their unique views and the local markets for authentic goods.

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