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Free Tourist Guide Training Offered in Punjab

January 11, 2024

The Punjabi government has decided to speed up the tourism guide application procedure. Through a four-week online tour guide program, the Punjab Tourism Department plans to provide 10,000 people with free training, enhancing their skills and expanding their opportunities in the tourism industry.

The Secretary of Tourism Punjab, Raja Jahangir Anwar, stressed the need to have professional tour guides in his speech about the initiative, especially in light of the more than 400 tourist attractions in the province.

He continued by saying that the cultural and historical significance of these sites can only be appropriately highlighted by competent and skilled tour guides.

The Secretary of Tourism Punjab stated that the tour guide course would be offered at a very affordable price by the government-run Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM).

With the eventual goal of teaching 10,000 people, registration for the initial round of participants is free.

Qualification Standards

Anyone in Punjab who satisfies the prerequisite of an intermediate degree, according to Raja Jahangir Anwar, is eligible to apply for the course. Furthermore, anyone at any age can register for the program.

Priority will be given to women and minorities in the admissions process. Thirty percent of the course will be completed online, while the remaining seventy percent will be held at the ITHM Lahore campus, according to the Secretary of Tourism.

Permits from the Department of Tourist Services, an arm of the Tourism Department, will be awarded to those who complete the course successfully.

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