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PTDC to Hold ‘Tourism Education Conference’ 2024 to Boost Tourism

January 5, 2024

ISLAMABAD: According to Aftab-Ur-Rehman Rana, Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Pakistan has made consistent efforts to develop tourism in the nation. As a result of a deliberate effort to increase the number of both domestic and foreign visitors, especially in the post-COVID-19 scenario. Pakistan is a popular tourist destination.

In an interview with the official channel, Rehman revealed that the PTDC intended to hold a “Tourism Education conference” in February to investigate venues and methods for introducing tourism as a subject in classrooms, as well as to create more tourist academies to teach and raise awareness of the topic among young people.

In the meantime, he said, PTDC would launch an awareness campaign on “Responsible tourists” through electronic and social media platforms in order to involve the important players in the educational ecosystem and guarantee the success of the game-changing project.

Rana went on to say that in order to guarantee top-notch medical services for visitors, PTDC was collaborating with the health ministry on another project. That involved choosing five to six hospitals spread across the nation’s cities. According to him, the department’s main focus was on visitors’ health and well-being, offering the greatest surgical, transplant, yoga, and other medical services and facilities.

In addition, MD PTDC discussed the importance of educating travelers in order to boost local tourism. He also mentioned that PTDC would soon be launching a “National Calendar of Events” to assist travelers in making travel plans. The Director went on to say that Pakistan has a lot of potential to draw in a lot of foreign visitors because it is a popular travel destination. He also mentioned that Pakistanis living abroad might be very important in spreading awareness of Pakistan’s culture, religious tourism, ecotourism, and Sikh heritage around the world.

Director PTDC informed them that in 2023, there were 115% more foreign visitors to Pakistan than the year before. He announced the opening of PTDC’s new website, which offers basic information and online hotel and motel booking.

Improving Infrastructure for Quality Tourism

In addition, Pakistan has plans to upgrade its roads, airports, and public transit system to facilitate easier travel for visitors within the nation, according to MD PTDC Rehman Rana.

In the near future, he predicted, the nation will create more alluring packages for audiences abroad through partnerships with travel agencies and tour operators and focused marketing campaigns.

 “We’re launching a project to modernize and streamline our visa procedures, making it simpler for visitors to obtain visas and enter the nation,” he said in closing.

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