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Lakeshore City Awarded Best Tourist Destination City of 2023

January 11, 2024


In the sparkling halls of Islamabad, where a tourist destination, Lakeshore City, is given a prestigious title, cheers remain loud. The company Explore and Invest in Pakistan, a leading organization promoting the tourism potential of the country, has chosen Lakeshore City as its best tourist destination City 2023. 

An amazing mystery is hidden secretly inside Pakistan. With its stunning scenery and many cultural offerings, it skillfully combines contemporary conveniences with breathtaking landscapes ranging from peaceful lakeshores to energetic views of cities. 

Being named the Best Tourist Destination is more than simply an award; it’s evidence of Lakeshore City’s dedication to giving tourists a memorable time. But why does this lakeside gem stand out from the competition so much that it is a favorite to win this valued title? We’ll take a look at why tourists fell in love with Lakeshore City and how it became the benchmark of Pakistani tourism.

Lakeshore City’s Award-Winning Journey

The thrill was in the atmosphere in Islamabad as Explore and Invest in Pakistan held its yearly awards ceremony. With Pakistani cuisine and traditions on the show, the focus was on one highly sought-after title: Best Tourist Destination City of 2023. Applause broke out for Lakeshore City, the captivating beauty of the lake that had won over the hearts of both judges and tourists, as soon as the recipient of the award was revealed.

Now, let’s turn time back and examine the stringent selection procedure that preceded Lakeshore City’s glorious moment.

A Thorough Evaluation

Explore and Invest in Pakistan is dedicated to its goal. In order to ensure that the selected city has truly captured the spirit of Pakistan’s tourism, they have carried out a thorough evaluation. On the basis of a number of factors, applicants have been thoroughly evaluated by major tourism bodies, ecologists, and cultural anthropologists. A number of factors, including natural beauty, facilities, cultural services, and ethical tourism initiatives, were carefully considered by the panel of judges.

Lakeshore City Stands Above

The city’s distinguishable features were evident at every level of the assessment. The members of the jury were astonished by the exceptional landscape of the town, which included beautiful lakes and magnificent mountain scenery.

The award ceremony was not only a celebration of Lakeshore City, but it provided Pakistan’s rapidly developing travel and tourism industry with a ray of hope. It showed the beauty and vitality of a nation that was awaiting discovery, strengthening its potential to become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Lakeshore City’s Flexible Tourism Strategies

Lakeshore City has undoubtedly become one of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan, reinforcing its reputation as the country’s best tourist destination. It is more than an award; it proves that this city has an extraordinary charm, a variety of things to do, and creative tourism tactics that have captured the imagination of visitors from around the world.

Lakeshore City’s exceptional tourist activity has made it possible for it to be named the best tourism destination in Pakistan. 

  • The 2023 Pakistan Tourism and Hospitality Investment Opportunities Summit was an example of Lakeshore City’s determination to improve the experience for guests. 
  • In order to ensure that Lakeshore City’s expansion is compatible with the values of responsible tourism, this summit has explored sustainable development options together with government representatives, investors, and industry experts.
  • The reason Lakeshore City was chosen as the Best Tourist Destination City of 2023 was due in large part to its innovators’ tourist activities.
  • The city has not only been able to meet the evolving needs of today’s tourists but also established itself as a world leader in International Tourism through its inclusion of technology breakthroughs, volunteering, collaboration efforts, and an unwavering commitment to lasting viability.

Recognition of Lakeshore City as Top Tourist Destination

More than a compliment, Lakeshore City’s recent ranking as one of the top tourist destinations is evidence of its extraordinary charm. Lakeshore City is an exceptional combination of natural wonders, historical significance, and modern conveniences situated at the convergence of peaceful lakes and towering mountains. Each area of this city, from top-notch amenities to well-known minority monuments, has something that will satisfy the discriminating traveler a tale or a journey.

The Lake and Mountains Union 

Lakeshore City offers visitors stunning views and an abundance of natural beauty, situated between the lake and the mountains. The beauty of the mountains offers opportunities for hiking and walking, while the serene lake provides a peaceful backdrop for a variety of water sports. The best tourist destination, Lakeshore City is a must-visit destination for those who enjoy the outdoors because of the stunning sight of these natural treasures together.

The Historic Sites of Minorities 

Lakeshore City is home to some of Pakistan’s most well-known historical sites relating to minority communities. These places are a witness to the area’s rich history and provide an intimate look at its cultural heritage. By exploring old churches and historical temples, visitors can discover the diversity of rituals and cultures of minority communities.

The Unmatched scenery 

There’s a very magnificent view of Lakeshore City. The city’s magnificent lakes, towering mountains, and undulating hills make for a fascinating backdrop. Lakeshore City, a top tourist destination has plenty to offer for any kind of vacation you want, whether it’s a quiet escape or an exciting adventure.


Lakeshore City’s commitment to tourism and hospitality is demonstrated by its designation as the Best Tourist Destination City of 2023. Visitors should not miss the city’s stunning beaches, picturesque surroundings, and an array of the best tourist destination in Pakistan. It makes sense that Lakeshore City is swiftly gaining popularity as a tourist destination, and in the years to come, we should anticipate seeing an increase in the number of tourists visiting the area.

The best tourist destination, Lakeshore City, invites everyone to discover its charms and enjoy its fine beauty. It’s an example of excellence that’s above and beyond the standards.


Q1. What is Lakeshore City?

Lakeshore City is a popular tourist destination, A housing project of Al Sadat marketing owned by Syed Sadat Hussain Shah.

Q2. Where is Lakeshore City Located?

 It is located at Khanpur Dam and Near to:

  • 2.5 km from Mabali Island
  • 15 min from Islamabad  D12
  • 20 km from Faisal Town, Wah Cantt
  • 04 km from  Rajdani
  • 13 km from Multi garden B12

Q3. Why did Lakeshore City get the 2023 title of Best Tourist Destination City?

Examine the elements that contributed to Lakeshore City being awarded this esteemed designation, as well as the distinctive qualities that make it stand out.

Q4. What effects did the economic climate and society bear from Lakeshore City’s nomination as the Best Tourist Destination?

Discover the positive repercussions Lakeshore City’s esteemed title had on the neighborhood and the financial advantages it provided for the area.

Q5. How can visitors support Lakeshore City’s efforts to promote mindful touring while they are there?

Learn how visitors may actively engage in Lakeshore City’s ethical travel programs and support the sustainability of tourist destination.

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