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Tourism Emerges as Promising Area Under SMEDA Plan

August 21, 2023

Tourism, which is the key sector according to the latest SME Policy, has emerged as a high-potential field that is on par with e-commerce companies in SMEDA’s action plan to promote the growth of SMEs in the country. This announcement was made in LAHORE. During his speech at an awareness gathering on the ‘Festival of North’ to be held in Passu (Gilgit Baltistan) for the promotion of tourism-based SMEs, the Chief Executive Officer of SMEDA, Hashim Raza, made this announcement.

He stated that the Festival of the North will begin on October 23 and run for a total of four days. This event would be held in conjunction with the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). He stated that as a result of the recent floods and the decrease in tourist activity, SMEDA, PTDC, and the Gilgit Baltistan government have joined forces to support the small enterprises in upper Hunza through the development of tourism.

The celebrations would take place in several different towns across the Gojal Valley, he explained, adding that the event, which will be known as the “Festival of the North,” will be continued as an annual episode, with the primary focus being on the enhancement and diversification of the goods and services offered by the regional SMEs.

According to the CEO of SMEDA, there is a strong connection between the tourism industry and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of hospitality services, tour guides, sporting activities, and products such as souvenirs, eatables, and handicrafts. However, because they only provide a limited selection of goods and services, they have been unable to capitalize on the expanding tourism industry in Pakistan to its full potential. This is because they lack product development, diversity, categories, packaging, visibility, and marketing. Even though improvements have been made, the quality of the services is not yet on pace with those found elsewhere in the world.

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