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Saudi Delegation Visits Pakistan for Investment Talks

May 7, 2024

Ibrahim Almubarak, Deputy Investment Minister of Saudi Arabia, has praised Islamabad’s efforts to secure international funding and emphasized Pakistan’s value as a top investment destination. Considering its geographical location, Almubarak expressed confidence that Pakistan could potentially grow into a leading country in the next five to ten years.  

A prominent Saudi delegation headed by Ibrahim Almubarak has landed in Islamabad for a three-day visit to investigate potential investment opportunities in various sectors. In support of Pakistan’s economy, Almubarak reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to expanding engagement and cooperation.  

Almubarak highlighted the Saudi government’s ongoing interest in Pakistan and emphasized that the current visit is an extension of earlier agreements, demonstrating the Saudi government and companies’ desire to invest in Pakistan.  

During the meetings, the Saudi officials praised the Pakistani leadership, calling the prime minister a “Man of Action” for his efforts to revive the country’s economy.  

There is growing excitement as reports claim Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman will be visiting Pakistan next week, highlighting the two countries’ growing commitment to economic development and closer connections.  

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