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Kotli Sattian Designated for New Tourism Projects

April 30, 2024

Chief Minister Punjab has given the Punjab Tourism Department instructions to transform Kotli Sattian into a popular tourist destination.

Three possible locations Mandi Jawa, Chewra, and Dhanoi for tourism projects including a theme park, chairlifts, eco-camping, and paragliding were highlighted by Tourism Secretary Raja Jahangir Anwar at a meeting with local officials and department heads.

These projects are planned to be part of the next year development program, which intends to create substitute hill stations in order to reduce the number of visitors from Murree.

In order to maintain a secure tourist experience, the local community will be crucial in encouraging sustainable tourism, which is anticipated to increase local employment and improve security.

Additional locations in Jhelum, Chakwal, Attock, and Rawalpindi are also being explored for potential tourism initiatives.

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