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Pakistan Tourism App Set Up for Exciting Upgrades

January 6, 2024

LAHORE – Working on the country’s tourist application is Syed Wasi Ahmad Fatimi, Special Assistant to the Caretaker Prime Minister. He said this at the Government College University table tennis talent hunt women’s sports league opening ceremony for the Prime Minister’s Youth Program. He claimed that a country’s tourism application was essential since tourists and travelers valued it.

The speaker voiced his displeasure with Gilgit Baltistan’s absence of a suitable mountaineering and climbing training facility. Further added that a Memorandum of Understanding had been inked with Gilgit Baltistan University and that plans were underway to open an initial mountaineering training center. “It is a very good sign that the women of this country have proven themselves in various fields of life and have always adhered to their traditions,” he said.

He said that it was the men’s responsibility in the community to encourage girls to play sports. Syed Wasi Shah announced that the proportion of women in all areas under his control now stands at 51%. He said that about 50,000 boys and girls had registered for the Talent Hunt Program, which was a very promising omen, but this figure should still improve. He continued by saying that while sports allowed students to develop as individuals, they were essential to their proper growth as students.

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