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Promoting Tourist Attractions for a Better Image of Pakistan

August 22, 2023

RAWALPINDI: Presenters at a workshop highlighted the need of promoting tourist attractions to improve the country’s public image and draw more visitors.

On Monday, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) hosted a tourism workshop at a hotel in the country.

In addition to tourism experts, tour operators, and stakeholders, PTDC Managing Director Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan welcomed UNWTO Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Harry Hwang and UNWTO Expert George Drakopoulos.

Both UNWTO Expert George Drakopoulos and UNWTO Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Harry Hwang gave speeches in which they discussed ways to boost tourism in Pakistan.

They claimed Pakistan was the ideal place to visit, but that the country’s image needed to be fixed immediately. They advocated for a government-run tourist board to promote Pakistan’s hospitality industry abroad. The lack of interest in visiting Pakistan abroad sends the wrong message.

They emphasized the importance of ensuring Pakistan’s presence at international tourist expos and adopting methods and strategies to make PTDC more active.

Harry Hwang, regional director for Asia and the Pacific at UNWTO, has stated that his organization is willing to help PTDC.

In addition to protecting the safety of visitors, he suggested that the Pakistani government consider allowing visas to be obtained upon arrival.

He said that adventurous travel was essential to Pakistan’s goal of becoming a top tourist destination.

According to Ghafoor Khan, managing director of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), the workshop is being hosted to promote and enhance tourism in Pakistan with the hope of projecting a peaceful and tourist-friendly image internationally.

He predicted that through the workshop, negative narratives about the world’s top tourism destinations will be eradicated.

He praised the efforts of the Pakistan Army and the current government in the country for restoring peace and stability via the elimination of terrorist threats and the strengthening of law and order.

Ghafoor Khan argued that now that security has improved in Pakistan, the country is at peace and offers a wealth of chances for tourists.

He expected that future conferences and activities hosted by UNWTO would also help Pakistan make a favorable impression on the international community.

He explained that, with the government’s help, PTDC is working to expand the tourist industry in novel ways.

In his remarks, Ali Akbar Malik, general manager of the PTDC’s Audit Section, praised Pakistan for its “rich culture, scenic beauty, mountains, rivers, snow-covered lakes, and deserts.”

It would be beneficial for Pakistan’s international reputation if representatives from the UNWTO attended our programs.

Aftab Rana, president of the Sustainable Tourism Foundation, gave a talk about the organization’s plans for promoting eco-friendly travel.

Romina Khurshid Alam, parliamentary secretary on climate change at Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change, pledged to organize a young parliamentarians’ meeting to boost the country’s tourist industry.

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