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Plan Your Next Trip to Baku – Azerbaijan E-Visa for Pakistan

December 20, 2023

Have you been wanting to explore the energetic city of Baku, Azerbaijan? Luckily, there is excellent news for Pakistani tourists! Pakistan is listed as one of the countries that are eligible for the hassle-free electronic visa system that the Azerbaijani government has been implementing since May 2017. Here is all the information Pakistani nationals need to know about the Azerbaijan E-Visa in case they’re prepared to start their journey in Azerbaijan.

Understanding Azerbaijan E-Visa

An official document that is electronically connected to your passport and gives you permission to enter and exit Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijan e-Visa. With a Single Entry, Pakistani nationals are limited to a 30-day stay in the country, which must be used solely for travel or business.

1. Processing Time

With an e-visa processing period of only three working days, applicants who are anxious to visit Azerbaijan may be sure that their application will be processed quickly.

2. Application Options

Applicants can select between solo, family (2–10 individuals), or group (10–300 persons) applications to accommodate different travel scenarios.

3. Entry Of Data

All required data must be immediately input into the system throughout the application process to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

4. Electronic Payment

The method makes it easy to pay the e-visa fee electronically, which improves the application process’s overall efficiency.

5. Delivery Method

The applicant’s email address receives the e-visa immediately upon successful processing, reducing the need for further processes.

Insights Into Further Operations

1. Three Simple Steps

The three simple phases of the e-visa application process—Apply, Pay, and Download—make it simple for applicants to complete.

2. Direct Application

Individual travelers can streamline the application process by applying directly through the site for a 30-day single-entry visa, which is available to foreign nationals and stateless individuals.

Navigating the Application Procedures

1. Timing is Key

Applications for e-visas should be submitted at least three working days before to the applicant’s anticipated arrival in Azerbaijan to guarantee a smooth process.

2. Passport Validity

The expiration date of the applicant’s passport or other travel document must be at least three months after the expiration date of the e-visa

3. Confirmation Notification

After paying the fee, applicants get a confirmation notice on their monitor screen and by email, which gives them peace of mind.

Understanding Payments

1. Fee Structure

With a clear pricing structure, the e-visa charge is a one-time payment of USD 20, non-refundable under any circumstances.

2. Service Fee

To facilitate the efficient processing of applications, an extra service fee of USD 5 is charged for the processing of electronic visa applications.

3. Payment Methods

Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay are accepted payment options; however, the card does not always need to be registered in the applicant’s name.

Decoding The Visa Form

1. Compliance With Icao Standards

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Document 9303 criteria are closely followed by the e-visa form, guaranteeing that global standards are fulfilled.

2. A4 Format

Applicants may readily view and utilize the Azerbaijan visa form, which is presented in A4 format.

3. Machine-Readable code

A unique machine-readable code has been added to the upper-right portion of the e-visa form to improve processing speed.

4. Multiple E-Visas

If you have more than one e-visa, you must utilize the same one to leave the country in order to prevent any issues.

5. Lost E-Visa

Travelers have a practical answer in the case of an unexpected loss—the e-Visa form may be easily duplicated from the portal or by email.

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