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Absence of Snow Likely to Affect Tourists’ Influx

December 20, 2023

RAWALPINDI: Due to the lack of normal rainfall in Rawalpindi and the scarcity of snowfall in Murree, the dry cold period has become much more intense, which has led to worries over the twin cities’ rising air pollution index.

There’s a growing concern that the lack of snow could potentially endanger Murree’s winter vacation season.

Winter vacationers from all over the country flock to Murree, Kotli Sattian, and other nearby hill resorts during the heavy rainy and snowy season, which typically lasts from early December until mid-January. But this year, the tourists have not yet arrived in Murree because, according to the Meteorological Department, there is very little chance of snowfall in the next two weeks.

Murree’s business owners have invested millions of rupees, anticipating the winter season with great anticipation. Public transit has been rerouted along the Murree route.

Murree shop owners are eagerly expecting the arrival of snow and have stocked up on numerous things worth millions of dollars. The businesses of retailers and couriers could be threatened by the probable absence of snowfall between December 25 and December 30, as winter vacation draws to an end and fewer families with visitors from places like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and others arrive.

Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatha of Rawalpindi responded by saying that the district administration has taken all the required preparations to deal with any crisis that may arise in Murree during the winter. Officers from pertinent institutions have been stationed at twelve tourist facilitation centers and a control room for a period of three weeks.

In Murree, the dates of the snowfall season are set for December 15 to February 15. Accessible via a number of routes, ticket facilitation centers in Murree are open around the clock and handle computerized registration of cars entering the city.

After the winter, the management hopes that it can handle up to 18,000 automobiles.

In addition, twenty-five civil defense officers, extra drivers, helpers, and eight snow removal trucks with salt-spraying capabilities have been scheduled. According to the commissioner, vacationing families would receive hourly reports on the state of the snow in Murree, in accordance with the directions of the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench.

We’re going to take quick measures to stop overcrowding and overcharging. The price of lodging at motels, hotels, and rest homes will also be controlled according to the amenities offered.

In order to maintain an equitable and controlled atmosphere for all guests, a price magistrate will visit hotels during the snowfall to confirm the prices that travelers have paid.

Winter getaways

Conversely, the majority of Murree’s educational institutions have declared their winter breaks. Until March, all public and private educational establishments will be closed for the winter.

However, the Presentation Convent School Murree administration’s offer of a winter camp for SSC-II students is raising concerns among kids and parents.

Concerned parents voiced their disapproval of the choice, pointing out that Murree frequently experiences morning temperatures below zero degrees Celsius and that snowfall can occur at any time during the winter. It is really challenging for kids from faraway places to get to school.

Parents claim that setting up a winter camp during the cold season is not a good move, citing exams that have already taken place as evidence.

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