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Is Lakeshore City a Top City? Comparison & Rankings

May 13, 2024

Lakeshore City is the project of the Al Sadat Group. It is an innovative housing project near Islamabad. This project is all about luxurious, affordable, and secure living in a beautiful location. It is strategically located close to beautiful lakes and mountains.  

There’s more to Lakeshore City than just homes. It is a complete lifestyle package. You get to live in a good neighborhood close to the necessary facilities nearby. Lakeshore City is a wise investment if you’re considering making one. This project is unique not just because of its location. This article will discuss the factors that make Lakeshore City standout from other housing societies.

How Lakeshore City Ranks on Top as Compared to Other

Setting the Standard: Lakeshore City vs Other Housing Societies

Among the unique features that set Lakeshore City apart from other housing developments and make it a superior choice include:  

Tourist Destination:

Other development projects focus solely on the residential side. But Lakeshore City provides much more. This place is playing a vital role in promoting tourism in Pakistan. There are many historical and religious sites around Lakeshore City. It makes Lakeshore City an ideal tourist destination. Also, it is a popular hotspot for both locals and visitors. In addition, with its magnificent natural surroundings and first-rate services, it is a tourist destination. 

Lakeshore City presents six different tourism types to suit a diverse range of interests. Some of the most common types of tourism types include:  

  • Religious Tourism
  • Archeological Tourism
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Water and Sports
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Club and Resort

Better Accessibility: 

In contrast to other projects, Lakeshore City has multiple access points. Other societies just have access to the highway. On the other hand, Lakeshore City offers easy access for both locals and visitors. You can access this place from:

  • Motorway from Hazara Expressway
  • GT Road from Taxila
  • Ring Road from Alexander Road. 

Proximity to Islamabad:

Lakeshore City is the closest society to the capital city. It is just a 14km aerial distance and 40 km road from the Islamabad zero point. Other housing projects are located much farther away.  

Infrastructure and Utilities: 

Lakeshore City places a high priority on the comfort and convenience of its residents. It ensures consistent access to facilities for gas, water, and electricity. Also, there is an industrial hub nearby. Hence, there are a lot of job opportunities for the local people.  

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle:

Lakeshore City is not just about abundant living. It places a strong emphasis on leading a healthy lifestyle. The surrounding area offers people a variety of recreational activities. Also the area has top-notch universities, colleges, and a fulfilling way of life.  

EFU Insurance:

The residents of Lakeshore Society will get EFU insurance. No other society is offering this amazing offer to its residents. EFU’s insurance coverage provides Lakeshore City investors with an extra layer of protection. Hence, it ensures peace of. Also, it protects their capital from unanticipated events.  

Affordable Payment Plan: 

Lakeshore City’s payment plan sets it apart from the competition. It does not contain any:

  • Down Payment
  • Confirmation Charges
  • Booking Charges
  • Possession Charges
  • Balloting Charges
  • Half Year Charges

This project is considered a game-changer in the history of real estate. It provides residents with the convenience of making easy installments. Installments start at just 25,000 PKR. This is the only housing society currently offering this ease to its residents.

Top-Notch Amenities:

Lakeshore City distinguishes itself from other projects by offering more than thirty international amenities. Within the comforts of their community, members have access to all they need. These amenities include leisure areas and recreational facilities. Some of the facilities are listed below:

  • Indoor Sports Arena
  • Gym
  • Horse Riding Club 
  • Mini Golf Course 
  • Helipad 
  • SkyWalk 
  • Skydiving 
  • Wildlife Preservation Space 
  • Water Park 
  • Archery 
  • Cinepax 
  • Floating Resort 
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving

NOC Approval:

Lakeshore City proved its dedication to openness and adherence to legal requirements by obtaining NOC permission from TMA. It achieved this milestone within the first year of the project’s inception. On the other hand, many other projects are unable to get this approval even years after their launch.  


Lakeshore City is a visionary development that redefines luxury living. It has done this by emphasizing accessibility, sustainability, and community well-being. It is not simply another housing project. With its unique offerings and strategic advantages, Lakeshore City symbolizes innovation and quality in the real estate industry.  

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