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What are the Facilities Providing in Lakeshore Club

April 26, 2024


Near the Khanpur Dam there is a stunning housing project called Lakeshore City. It combines stunning exterior landscapes with modern facilities. Beautiful lakes and mountains, a healthy and fulfilling way of life, and an environmentally friendly setting are all available to residents of Lakeshore City.

The Lakeshore Club is located in the heart of Lakeshore City. This exclusive setting is a symbol of style and relaxation. More than just a club, Lakeshore Club is a retreat where members may find themselves in an amazing world of exclusive benefits and momentous occasions.

Members of Lakeshore Club enjoy access to a variety of enjoyable and relaxing activities, including boating on calm waters, fine dining establishments, exciting events, and peaceful recreational areas.

Lakeshore Club

Situated in Lakeshore City, next to Khanpur Dam, is the upscale Lakeshore Club. It provides a wide range of experiences and services aimed at enhancing each member’s day and acts as a haven of luxury and entertainment.

A wide range of delightful and peaceful activities are available to Lakeshore Club members, such as boating on serene waters, excellent restaurants, fascinating event spaces, and serene recreational places. It’s not just a club, though; it’s a lifestyle redefined, a place where friendships are built, peace is nurtured, and enduring memories are made.

Amenities of Lakeshore Club

Our dedication to delivering an exceptional luxury lifestyle at Lakeshore Club is demonstrated by the wide range of over 50+ first-rate amenities we offer. These facilities, which improve all facets of life, include:

  • Boating 

Enjoy the peace and quiet of Lakeshore Club’s large lake by setting sail on calm waters.

  • Floating Resorts 

Come onboard our floating resorts to escape to an extraordinary state where each moment is a treasured memory.

  • Parasailing and paragliding

Take to the skies and take in the amazing sights of the surroundings.

  • Jet skiing

Experience the joy of swiftly traversing the water on our top-of-the-line jet skis.

  • Skydiving 

With the help of our experienced guides, experience the ultimate rush of freefalling from huge heights.

  • Skywalk 

From our high skywalk, look above the clouds and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

  • Archery 

This range is ideal for admirers of any level of ability to help you refine your attention and accuracy.

  • Gym 

Reach your fitness objectives in our cutting-edge gym, furnished with the newest workout gear and knowledgeable trainers.

  • Cineplex 

Take in the latest hits in our magnificent Cineplex and lose yourself in the magic of the movies.

  • Water Park 

Our exciting water park, with slides, pools, and lazy rivers, is the perfect place to relax and have fun.

  • Spa

Experience a day of rest and relaxation in our lavish spa, where every luxury is waiting for you.

  • Boat Dine-in 

Enjoy fine meals like never before on our exclusive boat dine-in, which is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

  • Scuba Diving

With our scuba diving tours, explore the lake’s depths and reveal an aquatic wonderland.

  • Zip-Lining 

Take in the breathtaking scenery as you swing over the treetops and feel the excitement of zip-lining.

  • Hot Air Ballooning 

From our hot air balloons, glide gently above the sky and enjoy expansive views of Lakeshore Club.

  • Helipad

With our exclusive helipad, you may arrive at Lakeshore Club with ease and convenience.

  • Golf Course

Practice your swing on our superb course, which is encircled by beautiful scenery and a diversity of nature.

  • Horse Riding Club

With the help of expert riders, strap up and discover the natural beauty of Lakeshore Club’s environment.

  • Hiking

Perfect for nature lovers of all ages, our beautiful hiking routes allow you to explore the stunning surroundings of Lakeshore Club.

What makes Lakeshore Club special?

There are several explanations for why Lakeshore Club is an amazing destination.

Various Facilities

  • 50+ Amenities

Lakeshore Club offers numerous amenities to accommodate a broad range of preferences and interests. Everyone will find enough to enjoy, from fine eating and tranquil spaces to boating and thrilling activities.

  • Adaptable Membership Schemes

Plans for membership at Lakeshore Club are adaptable. Thus, in contrast to numerous posh clubs with high membership fees. This makes it more accessible to a wider range of customers who desire luxury without paying exorbitant prices.

  • Exemplary Benefits

Members of Lakeshore Club enjoy exclusive savings on a variety of events and services, as well as discounted admission to upscale establishments and accommodations at domestic and foreign clubs.

  • Communal Bonding

It is recommended for Lakeshore Club members to feel a feeling of solidarity and belonging. It’s not simply a place for luxury; it’s a place where friendships, relationships, and lifelong memories are created.

  • Ideal Location

Situated near the Khanpur Dam in Lakeshore Urban, Lakeshore Club boasts a prime position with stunning natural surroundings and easy access to a range of urban amenities.

Overall, Lakeshore Club’s unique features, range of membership options, exclusive benefits, feeling of community, and prime location make it stand out as a destination for anyone seeking an elite but inclusive lifestyle experience.


In conclusion, Lakeshore Club is an exclusive and unique enclave that provides its members with an unmatched selection of facilities and activities. Lakeshore Club offers a luxury and entertainment safe haven, complete with calming outdoor spaces, great dining, thrilling events, and boating on calm waterways. With more than 50+ exceptional facilities, Lakeshore Club is the ideal location to escape the bustle of the city and lead a meaningful and peaceful existence. 

There is something for everyone at Lakeshore Club. Lakeshore Club is the ideal option if you’re searching for a place to relax, meet new people, and develop lifelong memories.


1. What does Lakeshore Club mean?

Situated next to Khanpur Dam in Lakeshore City, Lakeshore Club is a luxurious getaway with a host of amenities.

2. What kind of facilities is Lakeshore Club offering?

Among the more than fifty excellent facilities that Lakeshore Club provides are boating, parasailing, jet skiing, archery, a gym, a movie theater, a water park, a spa, a golf course, a horseback riding club, and hiking.

3. What advantages come with joining the Lakeshore Club?

Members of Lakeshore Club have access to both local and international clubs, special discounts on events and services, and cheap entry to upmarket places. Additionally, Lakeshore Club provides flexible membership options to suit a variety of interests and preferences.

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