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Pakistan Among the Top Destinations in Global Tourism (UNWTO)

December 29, 2023


Pakistan has become a rising star in the world of Global Tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has acknowledged this by listing the country among the top travel destinations in the world. 

Pakistan has experienced an evolution in the last few years. By surpassing stereotypes, Pakistan is winning over the hearts of discriminating tourists from all over the world. The UNWTO’s recognition of Pakistan’s rich cultural legacy and breathtaking natural attractions validates the significance of the country in the world of tourism. Also, it represents a paradigm shift in the country’s image. Now, it has become a top travel destination for those with wanderlust. 

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

The United Nations World Tourism Organization, also known as UNWTO, serves as a global travel guide. Imagine it as a large group of people from various nations who explore multiple places. Their key responsibility is ensuring that travel is enjoyable. Also, they ensure that the travel journey is fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Then, What does the UNWTO do? They seem to be the tourism industry’s superheroes! They collect data about all the incredible locations across the globe. Also, they help countries collaborate to ensure that tourists have an amazing experience.

One of the best things the UNWTO does is award countries that are welcoming tourists with great success. This year, they highlighted Pakistan. They accepted Pakistan as one of the top choices for travel enthusiasts. It is a significant success in Pakistan. It implies that Pakistan is a superstar in the travel industry. 

However, UNWTO does more than just honor nations. They help nations learn from one another’s achievements. They act as a  mentor in travel. UNWTO share advice and techniques with people. It is the key to making any place on Earth even more impressive for tourists. 

Why Does Pakistan Take the Crown as the Top Destination?

Following the global COVID-19 outbreak, holiday destinations are becoming more attractive. People started exploring beautiful places. Pakistan has also become a rising star in the tourism sector. Many people are looking for novel and amazing places to visit in Pakistan. It attracted many enthusiastic tourists. The pandemic served as a reset button for Pakistan. It allows Pakistan to present its warmth, beauty, and hospitality. In the last year, Pakistan has gained the attention of people all over the world.

Factors that Play a Crucial Role in Pakistan’s Tourism 

  1. Mountains that Whisper Stories

The northern region plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s popularity in the tourism sector. Its majestic mountains stand tall like silent storytellers. Pakistan has great Himalayas and Karakoram Ranges. Also, attractions like Hunza, Swat, and Gilgit play a significant role. Their every corner offers a picture-perfect vista. They offer an incredible experience for nature lovers.

  1. Lakes that Reflect Serenity

The northern lakes of Pakistan also play a critical role. These lakes include Saif-ul-Mulook and Attabad Lake. They symbolize peace. These serene waters became a symbol of peace. They attract many visitors who seek peace and want to connect with nature.

  1. Hospitality Like No Other

Pakistan is famous for its hospitality. It attracts travelers who are looking for real connections. The people of Pakistan greet foreign travelers with a smile. The rich culture and hospitality of the people impress visitors.

  1. Rich Culture

In recent years, the cultural treasure of Pakistan received appreciation from all over the world. Pakistan is the top choice for people looking for a fully immersive cultural experience, traditional festivals, local crafts, and authentic cuisine.

Best Performing Destinations in Terms of Receipts: Jan 2023 – Sep 2023

Here is the highly anticipated list for the first 8 months of the year. This list highlights the top players and the percentage of tourism receipts in these countries.

  • Pakistan -> +92%
  • Serbia -> +80%
  • Turkey -> +60%
  • Romania -> +55%
  • Portugal -> +37%
  • Latvia -> +37%
  • Mauritius -> +35%
  • Montenegro -> +34%
  • Morocco -> +33%
  • Tanzania -> + 26%
  • Mexico -> + 23%
  • Denmark -> +21%
  • Italy -> +16%
  • Slovenia -> +16%
  • Spain -> +15%
  • France -> +12%
  • Greece -> +11%
  • Brazil -> +11%
  • Cyprus -> +9%
  • Egypt -> +8%

According to the UNTO ranking, Pakistan appears to be a tourism powerhouse. It is at the top position in global tourism. Also, it is the only Asian country on the list. 

Pakistan is a global tourism location, drawing tourists from all over the world. It maintains its position as the top destination for Asian and international travel, with an impressive +92% increase in tourism receipts.

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