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India’s Retaliatory Measures After Sikh Protest at London Embassy

August 19, 2023

India’s anger over the attack on its London embassy by Sikh protesters a few weeks ago has led it to take retaliatory action against the United Kingdom.

The first action taken by New Delhi was to stop trading with this European nation.

Protests had erupted not only in London but also in Canada and the US after the Punjab police launched a manhunt for ‘Sikh separatist’ Amritpal Singh, although the Sikh protesters in London had gone too far by taking down an Indian flag from the High Commission’s building to denounce highly oppressive tactics that the Punjab state police and central government’s agencies of India had employed against people in Punjab.

The fight for Khalistan began in the 1980s after the Golden Temple was desecrated and destroyed during army operation “Blue Star,” which was ostensibly launched to flush out Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale-led “terrorists” holed up in the Sikhs’ holiest site to challenge the writ of the government. It is unclear whether or not all of those who organized protests in the UK, US, and Canada were demanding the creation of Khalistan.

It’s worth noting that the governing BJP party in India demonized Sikh farmers who demonstrated against the three agriculture laws by dubbing them “Khalistanis” during the 2020-21 farmers’ protest (Nissan Andolan). Despite the efforts of right-wing propagandists, the Khalistani perspective has not been well received by the population at large.

It is undeniable that the reaction of the UK government was reasonable, as it has behaved pretty properly. The British government has assured India that it will reassess security at the Indian High Commission in London, and a probe into the matter’s policy is currently underway.

However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that India is reacting disproportionately. Please do not let New Delhi exert any undue pressure on the UK government.

The notion of “legality” at the heart of English and British law has long been recognized as the “rule of law,” and this is known around the world.

The United Kingdom is a free, just, and peaceful nation. Socially, India has taken several steps backward since Narendra Modi took office in 2014.

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