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Rising International Tourism in Pakistan

August 19, 2023

Despite the country’s extended economic and political upheaval, GoZayan Pakistan Managing Director Muhammad Kamal Abbas has stated that the number of international tourists visiting Pakistan is on the rise. As we see rising in the international tourism in Pakistan.

A year ago, GoZayan, a travel firm based in Bangladesh, paid $3.5 million to purchase FindMyAdventure, a startup located in Pakistan. Muhammad Kamal Abbas, currently the Managing Director of GoZaayan Pakistan, started the company FindMyAdventure.

GoZayaan helped nearly 80,000 tourists in its first year in Pakistan, including 12,000 international and 68,000 domestic visitors. The company claims to have generated $4 million in income while injecting $20 million into the local hotel industry.

The annual number of tourists to the country is affected by economic, political, and security difficulties, all of which pose significant challenges to the business.

Negative media coverage of terrorist acts, bloodshed, and political instability has made it challenging for Pakistan to attract foreign tourists.

Tourists are put off by the country’s poor infrastructure, which includes its unreliable lodging options, unreliable public transportation, and a lack of basic services.

Despite all of these obstacles, industry insiders report a rise in tourism with the discontinuation of Covid-19 procedures.

“With the depreciation of the rupee, Pakistan is becoming a cheaper option for international tourists,” Abbas said in an interview with Business Recorder.

According to the published statistics, only about 15% of tourists are from outside the country. The remaining 85% are made up of locals. After Covid, there has been a 6% increase in the number of people traveling internationally.

Since international trips got more costly due to the devaluation of the rupee, more people are staying at home to enjoy their vacations. Given the state of the economy, tourists are more likely to make purchases in rupees.

Meanwhile, Rocket Visitors CEO Fahd Vohra attributed the year’s boost in international visitors to a change in tourism policies, such as easier access to visas.

Vohra told Business Recorder, “Since Covid-19 surfaced soon after the policy came into effect, we couldn’t see its results, but as soon as pandemic protocols were lifted, there was a significant influx of tourists – both domestic and international.”

High inflation could slow tourism growth.

Vohra said that while tourism has been on the rise, he doubts that would continue now that people are paying more for gas and experiencing record inflation.

Abbas added that the market will feel the effects of inflation for the first time during this tourism season.

Last year’s high gas prices impacted vacation plans for many travelers but had little effect on other expenses. Inflation is predicted to have a broad influence on domestic industries this year, leading to price increases across the board for everything from fuel to groceries.

Tourists who are less affected by inflation are more likely to select domestic travel, therefore a rising exchange rate is the only thing that could prevent a worse impact, Abbas said.

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