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A Tourist Guide To Noori Top

December 4, 2023

Situated on the boundary between Kashmir and KPK, Noori Top features breathtaking peaks covered in snow. Hikers and lovers of the outdoors should make time to visit Noori Top, which is known for its picturesque meadows, calm winds, and enticing sights.

If you enjoy trekking and discovering the outdoors, you might want to take your fellow visitors on a road trip to the picturesque Noori Pass. This location has a variety of cozy lodging options as well as fascinating tourist attractions.

Noori Top is a great place to enjoy trekking experiences and escape the summer heat, even with its difficult terrain. Don’t pass up the opportunity to camp in Noori Top’s magnificent surroundings.

Lakeshore City blogs go over all the information you require on Noori Top, encompassing its history, climate, and other essential details.


Hindus lived in Neelum Valley, mainly in Sharda, until 1947. They were driven out by the local populace, nevertheless, and some of them converted to Islam. These displaced people then took sanctuary atop Noori Top’s terraces. Several treasure hunters dug up these areas after 1947’s partition, hoping to find gold and other valuables.


Noori Top stays chilly and frequently rains throughout the summer. The temperature seldom rises over 15 degrees Celsius, even at the height of summer, therefore a parka or jacket is always necessary.

When to Visit Noori Top

Since severe snowfall during the other months renders cars impassable, July through September is the ideal time of year to explore Noori Pass. Seasonal variations in the pass’s scenery include snow-capped mountains at the start of summer and winter and verdant hills in the late summer.

Top Noori Hotels

The area around Noori Top is devoid of motels. Guests will have to remain in Sharda. Among the top lodging options in Sharda are:

  • Valley Trackers
  • The Shadra Highland Hotel 
  • Benazir Palace Hotel
  •  Shangri-La Shadra Resort


On top, there are a couple of amazing things you can do.


Even if scaling the Top isn’t your thing, you may still have a great day by making a camp. Sing your favorite tunes, reflect on the past, and enjoy a cold-weather BBQ.


This summer, if you’re an enthusiastic hiker looking for something new and exciting to do, think about making the climb to the well-known Noori Top. There are several sights to be seen on this amazing walk, such as waterfalls, domestic animals grazing, flower-filled grassy hills, and sporadic patches of snow.

Tourist Points of Interest

Let’s examine a few tourist destinations close to Noori Top that will make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

Saral Lake

Saral Lake is on the edge of the Kaghan Valleys and  Neelum, at an elevation of 13,600 feet. Hiking leads to the lake, which is reachable from Sharda by a jeep path that leads to Gumot National Park.

Lake Noori

Noori Top is around an hour’s walk away from Noori Lake. It travels to the base of breathtaking mountains blanketed in snow, where it stays liquid for just one month.

Lake Ratti Gali

Situated in KPK, this is another well-known alpine glacier lake. At 3,683 meters above sea level, Ratti Gali receives its water supply from adjacent glaciers.

Lake Gattian

Sitting just a short distance from Kaghan Valley, Gattian Lake is 12,000 feet above sea level. Gattian Lake is an alpine glacial lake that receives pure water from the glaciers on nearby mountains.

How to Reach There

Situated next to Lulusar Lake in the Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park, the top is somewhat difficult to access. Jalkhand and Sharda are connected by a pass that is 47.4 kilometers (29.45 miles) long. There are several steep descents throughout the route.

Admire breathtaking views of the Kargil Mountains and Kashmir from one side of the summit and the Naran Valley from the other. The only way to enter the area is with a 4WD vehicle.

Jeep Rates From Noori Top To Naran City

A jeep journey from Naran to Noori Top will set you back approximately Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000. The trip takes roughly sixty minutes. It’s a difficult route to Noori Top, especially in the wet season when it is muddy and slick.

The Best Way to Get to Noori Top

The road’s halfway-mountain location makes it simpler to reach from the Sharda, Neelum Valley side. Still, a gravel road and a feeling of remoteness exist on the Jalkhad, Kaghan Valley side. Tourists have reportedly been robbed by the locals, known as “Chilasi” people, along this path. 

Most Asked Questions

The most frequent queries regarding Noori Top and their responses are shown here.

Is it dangerous to go to Noori Top?

In some places, the pathway is frequently so small that only one car may fit through. When two vehicles come at you from the opposite way, you have to stop at a wider spot so the other can pass first. In addition, after rain, the route may become impassable due to mud and water streams.

Is a family trip to Noori Top recommended?

In the end, it’s up to your judgment. If you have a knowledgeable local driver and a 4WD car, you may organize a family vacation safely. But be mindful that the roads can occasionally be small and dangerous.

When was Noori Top Road opened?

People need about three to four hours on average to do the course without stopping. Access to the path is available only from July through September. The Kargil War of 1998 saw the construction of the summit’s access road by the Pakistan Army, which was an essential military route. Currently, travelers may see both the Top and the Pass together.

Can I get to Noori Top by car?

There is no support system along the route, so it is highly recommended that you travel in a party of at least two vehicles. There are multiple severe drop-off sections in the course. Only high-clearance 4×4 cars are appropriate. Particularly after the summertime snow removal, the curves are abrupt and severe.

Is Noori Top Road currently open?

Situated at an elevation within the Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park, the trail is only open in the summer. Due to snow, it remains closed from September to February; due to rain and landslides, it is closed from February to May.

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