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Rama Lake Astore: Nature’s Wonderland

November 24, 2023

Rama Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan.

 Winter is even more magical when covered in snow. People often appreciate the natural beauty of this place.

Rama Lake is located near Astore in the northern part of Gilgit-Baltistan. Illegal logging has led to forest loss in Astore, decreasing oak trees, vegetation, and rainfall. Rama Valley is densely populated with cedars, large pines, firs, junipers, and other trees. Because the valley is approximately 3,300 meters above sea level, it is covered in snow for 7 to 8 months a year. In summer, it transforms into a lush paradise to the delight of local shepherds.

Lakeshore City has created a travel guide to Llama Lake Astore with information on weather, location, and more.


Rama Lake is located in Astor, at an altitude of 3300 meters, on the east side of the Nanga Parbat mountains in the Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Rama Lake Weather 

To reach the lake, take the dirt road in Astore Valley. It is approximately 13.3 kilometers from the prefectural capital, Astore. The journey time by car is around 2 hours. Therefore, be well prepared when driving in remote areas. Please note that you may need a better mobile signal while traveling.

From Astore to Rama

Road Rama Lake is located near the village of Astore. If you take the KKH road and the Fairy Meadows exit, continue for approximately 20 minutes. When you see the Astore sign, turn right and continue driving for another 2-3 hours. Arrive at the village of Astore. Many people camp in the valley in the summer. The road to Llama Meadow has now been paved, making it easier for travelers to access. However, it is a 1.5-hour hike to Llama Lake.

From Islamabad to Rama 

You can drive to Rama Lake Base Camp It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to walk from the base camp to Llama Lake. Trail conditions will affect the duration of your hike. This trail is more manageable for hikers to follow in July and August. The journey from Islamabad to Rama Lake via  Naran, Astore Road, and Rama Lake route covers 590 km.

The exact route can be used to travel from Rama Lake to Islamabad to find the mileage. Check out maps and directions showing the route from Rama Lake to Islamabad via Naran, then via Astore Valley Road, and finally to Rama Lake for a quick trip. Activities at Lamma Lake Astore There are many beautiful lakes from Astore to Lamma Valley. Rama Valley has  Rama Lake in the middle, which is very beautiful.

The lake is beautiful and surrounded by green meadows, and is the best place to visit in Pakistan. Rama Valley is located in the mountains at 3,300 meters above sea level.

There are many trees, such as pine, cedar, and juniper. Although covered in snow in winter,  it becomes a beautiful place in summer. From here, you can go to the east side of Nanga Parbat.

Activities To Do at Rama Lake Astore

Here are some activities you can do  during your trip to Llama Lake:

The Polo Festival

The Polo Festival is held in Rama Valley every year and is a grand event. People from different districts of Gilgit-Baltistan gather here to play polo and celebrate. Fans from all over the country gather to watch polo matches and participate in the celebrations. To have a great time at a polo festival, it’s essential to bring the right things and plan well.


Hiking Rama is located high in the Himalayas. If you want to experience something new and unique, this is one place you should visit. PTDC Motel From the bumpy road near Rama, it’s about a 2-3 km walk uphill. His PTDC Hotel in Rama offers travelers a comfortable place to stay and provides welcoming services. 

The actual city of Rama is called Astore and is located within the administrative boundaries of Baltistan. Situated near the Karakoram Expressway, Astore is easily connected to major roads via metal-paved roads. A narrow road leads to Astore, and an even narrower road leads to Rama Village. Both routes require more energy and time to travel one kilometer than regular roads elsewhere. The distance to Rama village is approximately 55 km, but the journey lasts 3-4 hours. 

The hike begins from the last parked vehicle and takes a full day, but is an advantageous experience. When you arrive at the lake,  your fatigue will disappear immediately.

Horse Riding

Horseback Riding Pakistan’s magnificent Rama Lake is an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. Trekking requires a lot of endurance and stamina. Another way to appreciate the breathtaking scenery is horseback riding to Lama Lake.


Camp Lama Lake’s PTDC Llama in Astore Valley offers an outdoor camping experience. The view of Nanga Parbat from the northwest is genuinely famous and breathtaking. The place looks stunning.  I’m sure you’ll have a great time camping.

Play Outdoor Games 

In addition to camping and hiking, you can enjoy many other recreational activities outdoors. For sports lovers, there are various games, such as cricket, soccer, and badminton.

These games provide opportunities for physical activity and encourage teamwork and friendly competition. Whether you want to get your heart rate up or just want to have fun with friends, these outdoor games are a great way to stay active and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Accommodation Options at Rama Lake Astore

Here are some accommodation options you will find near Rama Lake:

  • Ptdc Rama Lake
  • Wazir Guest House Rama Astore
  • Astore Inn Hotel & Restaurant
  • Rama Green View Hotel
  • Rama Lake Hotel and Restaurant
  • Dumani Nagar Hotel and Resort
  • DeJanji Hotel and Resort

Wrap Up

Situated near the summit of Nanga Parbat mountain in the Astore district, the Rama Lake region is a well-known tourist attraction. Witnessing the stunning sunset over Nanga Parbat from Rama Lake is fantastic.

Encircled by rugged mountains close to Nanga Parbat, Rama Lake gleams in all its splendor. Astore Valley’s breathtaking natural splendor is breathtaking. For those who enjoy hiking, a hiking track stretches from Rupal to Rama Meadows on the northeastern slope of Nanga Parbat.


Q1. Describe Rama Lake.

Ans. The Astore Valley is home to the breathtaking high-altitude Rama Lake in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a well-liked tourist destination since gorgeous mountains and rich vegetation surround it.

Q2. What is the route to Rama Lake?

Ans. You can drive to the Rama Lake base camp and climb for one to two hours to reach Rama Lake. You can walk to the lake, and depending on the season, you can access the route at different points.

Q3. Is camping allowed at Rama Lake?

Ans. Indeed, Rama Lake is a great place for campers. Camping is permitted next to the lake, where guests can enjoy tranquil surroundings. Carrying your equipment and using safe camping techniques are crucial, nevertheless.

 Q4: In what season is Rama Lake the most fabulous place to visit?

Ans. Summer is ideal for exploring Rama Lake, especially in July and August. Travelers will have a fantastic experience at this time of year because the weather is lovely and the hiking trail is more accessible.

Q5. Are there lodging options close to Rama Lake?

Ans. There are few places to stay close to Rama Lake. Travelers frequently like camping or lodging in neighboring villages’ guesthouses. Before your journey, it is essential to establish the appropriate arrangements and book your accommodations.

 Q6. Is Rama Lake safe for swimming?

Ans. Although it is technically possible to swim at Rama Lake, it is essential to consider the weather and the temperature of the water, which can be highly frigid due to the high altitude.

Q7. Are there any Rama Lake guided tours available?

Ans. Several nearby tour companies provide guided visits to Rama Lake. These trips frequently include lodging, guided hikes, and transportation. Scheduling a guided tour will guarantee a more planned excursion and improve your experience.

Q8. Is there parking available at the base camp near Rama Lake?

Ans. The Rama Lake base camp does indeed have parking available. Visitors can safely park their cars before starting the hike to the lake.

Q9. What kinds of animals live near Rama Lake?

Ans. Birds, butterflies, and small mammals are among the natural species that call Rama Lake and its environs home. Nature lovers and birdwatchers can enjoy seeing the variety of bird species in the

Q10. Are there any guidelines or limitations for guests visiting Rama Lake?

Ans. Following responsible tourism practices and considering the local ecology is crucial when visiting Rama Lake. To guarantee that everyone has a fun and environmentally responsible experience, refrain from littering, show consideration for the local way of life, and abide by any instructions given by park officials or tour guides.

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