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2nd Edition of Seven Day Winter Festival to Kick Off From Jan 15

January 8, 2024

ISLAMABAD: Gilgit Baltistan (GB) will host the second Seven Days Winter Feast on Monday, January 15, and it will be observed in a number of GB cities. Ten of the province’s districts would feature local sports and cultural events over the seven-day festival.

Nevertheless, the National Ice Hockey Championship, which will offer up new travel opportunities and maximize the region’s potential in this industry, will be the festival’s centerpiece.

GB ministers, such as Secretary of Tourism Ghulam Muhammad, Vice President of Pakistan Winter Sports, Air Commodore (R) Shahid Nadeem, Additional Chief Secretary, Capt (R) Mushtaq Ahmed, and Secretary of Planning and Development Asif Ullah Khan, shared these opinions at a press conference on Sunday at the Serena Hotel.

Speaking at the event, Ghulam Muhammad, the minister of tourism, stated that the government of Great Britain was encouraging travel to the country by planning sporting and cultural activities for each of the four seasons. Previously, in October 2023, during the Autumn Season, we planned a rally at Sarfaranga, the world’s coldest desert located in Skardu. Many foreign visitors took part in the rally, which was a component of the cultural festival, he said.

According to Capt. Mushtaq Ahmed, the event was a part of the attempts to present Pakistan to the outside world in a positive light. He claimed that although GB was regarded as a paradise on earth, it was sadly being overlooked due to a lack of or limited chances for cultural and athletic pursuits.

He stated, “At this point, our goal is to move in that direction and market the entire area as a tourism hub.” In addition, he expressed gratitude to the partners for making the event possible and expressed the hope that their support would help to promote tourism in the region.

The event is being organized by the government in partnership with the Winter Sports Federation to draw attention to the problems caused by climate change. As glaciers gradually disappear, such activities will help Great Britain gain international recognition. 

This will also significantly increase revenue since tourism in Great Britain has brought in millions of dollars for the government during the previous three years.

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