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Why Lakeshore is the Ideal Place for Families

June 10, 2024

Choosing the ideal residence for your family is among the most challenging decisions a person can make. It comes with a responsibility to look for a secure and safe environment where your kids can grow up. Lakeshore City is perfect since it allows families to build a strong foundation for the future. It is the perfect place for families looking for the ideal place to call home.

Why Lakeshore is the Ideal Place for Families

Raising a family is a beautiful journey filled with laughter, love, and numerous memories. But it also comes with the responsibility of finding a secure and safe environment where your children can grow. Look no further than Lakeshore City, the ideal place for families to build a healthy foundation for the future.

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What is Lakeshore?

Lakeshore City is a well-planned, modern housing society situated near the Khanpur Dam in Islamabad. Uniting natural beauty with advanced amenities, it provides an ideal location for family living. The serene environment, coupled with the comfort of city life, makes Lakeshore the ideal family-friendly community.

Why Lakeshore is Ideal for Families ?

Here’s why Lakeshore City stands out as the perfect family-friendly community:

  • Family-Friendly Community

Lakeshore City presents a family-friendly community where neighbors know and support each other. The society promotes a sense of belonging, making it easy for families to build lasting relationships.’

  • Safe Neighborhoods

Safety is a foremost priority for families, and Lakeshore City excels in this factor. The community boasts secure, gated neighborhoods with round-the-clock security. Parents can have peace of mind understanding that their children are growing up in safe and protected surroundings. The well-lit streets and sharp security systems guarantee a secure living space for all residents.

  • Family Amenities in Lakeshore

Lakeshore City is fitted with a wide range of amenities designed to meet the needs of families. Parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities offer a bunch of options for children to play and for families to spend quality time together. Additionally, the society features schools, healthcare centers, and shopping areas within proximity, making daily life convenient and enjoyable.

  • Perfect Family Living

Living in Lakeshore City means having the key to everything a family needs for a satisfied and fulfilling life. The society’s well-maintained infrastructure, clean atmosphere, and beautiful views create a lovely atmosphere. Families can enjoy the serenity of nature while benefiting from modern amenities, ensuring ideal family living.

  • A Place to Grow

Lakeshore City is more than just a Perfect family living place; it’s a rich community designed for families. Lush green spaces, dedicated playgrounds, and well-maintained parks provide excellent opportunities for your children to explore, learn, and connect with nature.

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

One of the most important factors of any real estate investment is the legal standing of the property. Lakeshore City has acquired all the necessary No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from the relevant sources. This ensures that Lakeshore is ideal for families and your investment is safe and secure. Knowing that the property is approved and compliant with all regulations provides families with peace of mind.

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Installment Plans

  • Family-Friendly Amenities: We understand the needs of families. Lakeshore City offers a combination of family-friendly amenities including swimming pools, sports facilities, and community centers, ensuring there’s always something fun and entertaining for everyone to enjoy.
  • Top-Rated Schools Nearby: Lakeshore City is smoothly situated close to outstanding schools, guaranteeing your children a quality education near home. This eliminates long commutes and allows you to spend more quality time together.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle: Lakeshore City promotes a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. With walking and jogging paths, fitness centers, and easy access to fresh air and nature, staying active and healthy becomes effortless.

We understand that raising a family comes with financial concerns. That’s why Lakeshore City offers easy installment plans made especially for families. Here’s what makes Lakeshore ideal for families with simple, easy payment plans:

  • No Hidden Costs: We believe in clarity. Unlike other developers, Lakeshore City excludes all booking charges, possession charges, half-yearly charges, development charges, confirmation charges, and any hidden or extra costs. You only pay for what you see.
  • Minimal Down Payment: Traditional housing’s high down payment requirements can be a major load. At Lakeshore City, we offer a minimal down payment plan, making Perfect family living and owning a beautiful family home a realistic possibility.
  • Convenient Monthly Installments: Our 5-year installment plans distribute the cost of your plot over a manageable timeframe, allowing you to invest in your family’s future without stressing your budget.

Owning a home at Lakeshore City is more than just an investment in property; it’s an investment in your family’s well-being, happiness, and future recollections. Contact us today and discover how Lakeshore City can be the ideal place for your family to flourish.

Development Status

Rapid Development

Lakeshore City is rapidly developing, with infrastructure and facilities being completed quickly. The housing society already boasts wide roads, electricity, a water supply, and modern sewerage systems. For shopkeepers like Ijaz, their plots will be prepared for residing or business sooner rather than later. Investing in Lakeshore City guarantees that you are part of a developing community with a promising future.

The development plans for Lakeshore City include schools, healthcare centers, commercial areas, parks, and special family amenities. These additions will further improve the quality of life for families and raise the worth of your investment over time.

Encouragement for Families

Investing in Lakeshore City is a wise choice for families. The affordable plots, Family-friendly community, flexible payment plans, and extensive amenities make it an excellent place to build a future. By securing a plot in Lakeshore City, families can enjoy a peaceful, luxurious lifestyle while guaranteeing their financial stability.

  • A Secure Investment

Lakeshore City offers a secure investment opportunity with all legal approvals and transparent processes. Society’s commitment to providing a high-quality living environment ensures that your investment will be appreciated over time.

  • A Comfortable Lifestyle

With its serene surroundings, top-notch amenities, and rich community, Lakeshore City promises a relaxing and fulfilling life for families. Residents can lead an active and healthy lifestyle surrounded by nature and like-minded individuals.


Lakeshore City Housing Society presents the perfect investment opportunity for families. With zero hidden charges, flexible installment plans, and comprehensive amenities, it offers a hassle-free investment experience. The ongoing development and commitment to quality make it a perfect place to build your dream family home. Invest in Lakeshore City today and secure a bright future for your family.


Q1: How can families afford plots in Lakeshore City?

A: Families can afford plots in Lakeshore City through flexible payment options that allow payment over 5 years with minimal monthly installments.

Q2: Are there any hidden charges when buying a plot in Lakeshore City?

A: No, Lakeshore City has excluded all booking charges, possession charges, half-yearly charges, development charges, confirmation charges, and any hidden or extra costs.

Q3: What amenities are available for families in Lakeshore City?

A: Lakeshore City offers a range of amenities for families, including parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities, schools, healthcare centers, and shopping areas.

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