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Family’s Financial Future in Lakeshore City & EFU Life Insurance

May 16, 2024

What is Lakeshore City?

Lakeshore City, Khanpur, is a real estate housing project. It offers an amazing combination of modern living and natural beauty. It is located near the Khanpur Dam. This incredible development project boasts breathtaking waterfront and hill views. This makes it an ideal place for those seeking a safe and secure investment with a touch of serenity. 

In this article, we will discuss EFU insurance and how it will benefit those who are investing in Lakeshore City.

What is EFU Life Assurance?

EFU Life Assurance Ltd primarily emphasizes life insurance. In the event that something unforeseen happens to you, this protects your loved ones’ finances. They provide a range of options, from retirement income to child savings for education. EFU Life is a leader in Pakistan’s life insurance industry with a strong financial foundation and a wide range of alternatives. 

Lakeshore City and EFU Insurance: Partnering for Protection

At Lakeshore City, trust and safety come first. This is why we have collaborated with one of Pakistan’s most reputable insurance companies. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with EFU Life. As a result, we are able to provide comprehensive insurance coverage to each consumer who buys a plot in Lakeshore City. EFU has years of experience and exceptional dependability. Hence, you can be sure that your investment is protected against unforeseen circumstances and is safe. 

Why Lakeshore City Collaborated with EFU?

Why have we chosen EFU insurance? The answer is the remarkable track record of EFU. Investing in Lakeshore City becomes more than just a financial choice when you have EFU’s coverage; it becomes a strategic plan to protect your future. EFU insurance offers peace of mind. Hence, it allows you to confidently navigate the real estate market whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time purchaser. 

Customized Coverage: Select the Right Option

We understand that every investor has different needs. For this reason, EFU provides a range of insurance plans, especially for varying sizes of Lakeshore City plots. The available coverage options are as follows:

  • 5 Marla: 2,250,000 PKR
  • 7 Marla: 3,000,000 PKR
  • 10 Marla: PKR 3,750,000
  • 1 Kanal: PKR 6,000,000 

Integrating EFU Insurance is a Revolutionary Step

This collaboration between EFU and Lakeshore City represents a significant shift in real estate investment. By incorporating EFU’s insurance, Lakeshore City shows an unwavering commitment. We are giving clients safe and secure investment alternatives. EFU’s insurance coverage boosts the promising environment offered by Lakeshore City. It is ideal for both building your dream house and diversifying your investment portfolio. 


Due to Lakeshore City’s partnership with EFU Life Assurance, your investment is protected. To secure your financial future, EFU, a reputable life insurance provider in Pakistan, provides a range of options to meet your needs. EFU Life’s solutions can provide you the confidence to invest in Lakeshore City’s exciting real estate opportunities, whether your goal is to plan for the future or safeguard your investment in case of unanticipated events. 

Ready to Make a Safe Investment? Get in touch with our registered sales partners and learn more about how EFU insurance can secure your financial investment. 


Why has Lakeshore City partnered with EFU Life Assurance?

Security and safety are top priorities in Lakeshore City. Because of our partnership with EFU Life, we provide full insurance coverage for your plot purchase. This collaboration offers protection and peace of mind by ensuring that your money is protected from unforeseen events. 

How does EFU Life Assurance benefit investors in Lakeshore City?

EFU Life Assurance provides customized insurance plans to protect your investment in Lakeshore City. This coverage protects your investment against unanticipated events and ensures your family’s financial security. 

Is the EFU Life Assurance coverage optional or mandatory for Lakeshore City investors?

Contact Lakeshore City for more information about the precise insurance coverage conditions, whether required or optional. We strongly advise this coverage for increased investment security. 

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