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Travel Guide for Northern Areas of Pakistan

October 20, 2023

Pakistan is an incredibly fascinating country to travel to because it is rich in history and culture. It has an abundance of amazing World Heritage Sites, delectable cuisine, and incredible shopping opportunities. The north of this fascinating country is a fantastic place to begin your explorations, but before you pack your bags and fly out there, here are some tips for traveling in Pakistan’s diverse northern regions.

Tips for Travelling to Northern Areas of Pakistan

Consider Your Expenses

Only with meticulous cost planning can a fun trip be planned. You risk having problems when you arrive if you only have a rough idea of your budget before you leave. Setting up a detailed budget for each activity before your trip is a more prudent and successful strategy.

For instance, you should make a checklist of the following things:

  • The number of people travelling with you
  • The number of people travelling with you
  • Total days of travelling
  • Pre-departure expenses e.g. buying supplies, vehicle maintenance charges etc.
  • Expenses for accommodation facilities
  • The preferred mode to travel
  • Special experiences (visits and amusements)

Mention the proportion of your money that you will spend on each activity after generating the list. It will provide you with an estimate of how much money you will spend on your vacation that is quite accurate. It will assist you at every stage of your journey and allow you to relax and have fun.

Research Major Tourist Attractions

The northern regions of Pakistan are home to many tourist attractions. Exploring these places is therefore not too difficult. The majority of people are aware of every significant service location in these areas. But many places are difficult to get to, and tourists cannot use the amenities they require.
As a result, it is essential to fully explore the locations before leaving. It is preferable to compile a list of nearby inns, eateries, amusement parks, tourist attractions, and auto service facilities. If you experience any problems while traveling, you can refer to this list.

Pack Your Backpack Clever

There’s no one right way to pack. Lay out all your gear at home and try out different loading routines until you’ve found what works best for you. It has to feel comfortable on your back. Don’t wear it too low, wear it on your hips, and don’t put the shoulder straps too tight.
Try to pack it like this:
Bottom zone: Good for lighter, bulky gear and items not needed until later. Like a rain jacket or first aid kit.
Core zone: Good for your denser, heavier items, like extra water supply, food or climbing stuff.
Top zone: Good for lighter, bulkier essentials you might need on the trip.
Wear the stuff you need, like water, a map, sunglasses or a quick snack somewhere in an accessory pocket or in a place you can reach easily.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

If we are going to make a mountain getaway, first of all, it is very important to take into account the type of clothing that we should wear, starting with footwear, which must be comfortable and resistant enough to avoid puddles, stones, and uneven terrain.

For this, the ideal is booted with thick soles that offer good ankle support and also have a waterproof fabric so that in the event of rain or we are faced with the situation of crossing a river, our feet always keep dry.
As for clothing, it is important to adapt to the season in which we are going to go out and to be proactive before possible changes in temperature. In this sense, the idea is that in the warmer times of the year we opt for breathable cotton clothing that avoids excessive sweating, avoiding shorts whenever possible to avoid possible friction or scratches. Ideally, pants with pockets to carry useful tools.

On the other hand, if we travel in cold times we should always opt for thermal shirts that maintain body heat, as well as waterproof fabric coats that facilitate movement and prevent the cold from penetrating.
Finally, we must not forget to wear a cap in the event that the sun shines brightly, and of course a waterproof raincoat for the small rain clouds that may arise.

Make Arrangements For Accommodation

Finding affordable lodging in Pakistan’s northern regions will be challenging for travelers from Sindh, Punjab, and Baluchistan. Hotels will charge these visitors more than usual rates because they are typically unfamiliar with the areas. Make contact with the neighborhood hotels or with friends who have been to the northern regions in the past. They will advise you on the best and most cost-effective neighborhoods. The benefits of making an advance reservation for lodging include:

  • It will save you from the last-minute hassles of finding a room.
  • You can get the best deals on your accommodation.
  • It provides the flexibility of travelling schedule.
  • Get a better choice of rooms.
  • You can plan your vacation budget accordingly.
  • Make arrangements for facilities as per your family’s needs.

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