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E-Portal For Tourists In Pakistan To Be Launched Soon

October 20, 2023

The incumbent administration plans to develop a new e-portal for tourists in Pakistan as part of an effort to grow the country’s tourism sector. This will be used by both foreign and domestic travelers as a one-stop shop where all tourists can get their difficulties answered and determine the optimum time to organize their trips. This is a particularly good development for overseas tourists, since it would allow them to better organize their trips to Pakistan. Let’s learn more about this soon-to-be-launched tourism e-portal.

E-Portal for Tourists in Pakistan

This e-portal for tourists in Pakistan is being developed by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) which has recently introduced a number of reforms to the country’s tourism sector.

This new e-portal combines the two elements of the incumbent government’s policy; digitizing the economy and expanding the tourism sector. This intersection of sectors is bound to highlight Pakistan as a country where people will find it easy to travel, research before planning their trip, and get a chance to understand up close what they’re in for.

What the PTDC Has Been Doing for Pakistan’s Tourism Sector

Aside from that, the PTDC is launching a variety of new activities as part of its National Tourism Strategy, 2020-2030. The first goal outlined under this is the introduction of an e-visa system for over 90 countries and visa on arrival for 50 nations for the first time in the country.

This has been accomplished in partnership with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and its Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, which allows foreigners to obtain their visas in 2-3 working days. All information is available on the NADRA website. Also, Belarus provides visas on arrival for Pakistanis visiting the country.

Additionally, the PTDC has also taken notice of encroachment activities in northern areas of Pakistan and thus introduced regularization measures in the Kaghan Valley. Moreover, the PTDC is always working to facilitate tourists and has been supporting and enabling the construction of smaller motels in the country. Along with the e-portal for tourists in Pakistan, the PTDC has also prepared the Draft National Minimum Standards for the Tourism and Hospitality sector which will enable the establishment of safety and operational protocols so all the work is streamlined.

Apart from the 10 year strategy, a five year plan has also been introduced for the promotion of tourism whereas all initiatives are being taken forward through the Pakistan Tourism Development Endowment Fund which has a seed funding of PKR 1 billion to revamp the country’s tourism sector.

With these steps, the PTDC has progressed from being a policy operator to becoming the country’s top policy maker for tourism. Check out what this organization is doing to promote bilateral tourism with China. The current Prime Minister, Imran Khan, believes that CPEC may significantly promote tourism with China because the same economic corridor can be used as a tourism route. This is how the Pakistan-China partnership will help the country as CPEC progresses.

The 5A’s of tourism or sustainable tourism in Pakistan are expected to become a reality as a result of significant changes to the country’s tourism scene.

Tourism Initiatives in Pakistan

Pakistan has recently introduced a number of tourism initiatives which have given the country the formalization boost that is necessary for the expansion of the sector.

As Pakistan houses one of the region’s most sacred and historical religious sites, recently, the PTDC arranged the Gandhara Festival which aims to attract Buddhist monks and their followers to visit the historical sites in the northern part of the country. The festival also laid bare the plans of the PTDC for the soon-to-be inaugurated Gandhara Trail which will be launched from Taxila, Swabi, Peshawar, Khyber, Mardan and end at Swat. The government expects delegations of monks to come in from Thailand, Korea, Sri Lanka, India, China, and even the US.

This will greatly enhance Pakistan’s position in the region as a hub for religious tourism. In addition, under Al Beruni Radius, heritage tourism in Pakistan has been further strengthened. If you liked this blog, please don’t forget to read our detailed piece on the most famous Hindu Temples and Jain Temples in Pakistan.

Apart from this, Balakot City which was a tourist hub prior to the devastating earthquake of 2005 is in the works of being revamped and redeveloped. To ease travel, a network of recently launched motorways and highways, allows passengers to access all the areas easily. These include:

  • Sialkot-Kharian Motorway
  • Swat Motorway
  • CPEC Hazara Motorway
  • CPEC M-5 Motorway Project

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