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Top Family Vacation Spots in Pakistan

November 10, 2023

I firmly think that taking holidays is essential to our personal development. Vacations not only help us relax, but they also expand our knowledge and learning opportunities.

We get the chance to unwind and take in the surroundings when we go on vacation. It is always a good idea to escape the dull and sluggish routine and enjoy the wonders of the surrounding natural world.

Islamabad is home to stunning scenery and the world’s second-most beautiful metropolis. There are various haunted sites in Islamabad if you are curious about these places you should add these places in your list.

Traveling abroad can be costly, though, particularly if you are taking a family vacation. Fortunately, Pakistan has a wealth of wonderful, reasonably priced family holiday destinations. Given that it is home to some of the world’s most popular tourist spots, Pakistan is a destination that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It’s not necessary to travel to Switzerland to take in the breathtaking scenery and lush vegetation. In a similar vein, you don’t need to search for an unusual beach in the Maldives to enjoy the rejuvenating power of the ocean. Pakistani passport holders can enter the Maldives for free, however the cost of lodging and meals is high. Conversely, Pakistan offers countless reasonably priced and enjoyable family holiday destinations. Pakistan’s deserts are another thrilling destination. Discover the top eateries in Rawalpindi’s Bahria Town.

Pakistan is a great destination for families as well as solitary visitors. Karachi’s cafés are great places to chill out with loved ones. Lists of the most incredible and ideal locations in Pakistan for travel with young children exist.

Continue reading if you’re seeking for a pleasant and unique family holiday destination in Pakistan. We’ve put up an incredible list of must-see locations in Pakistan.

Naltar Valley

This is a beautiful valley situated on the outskirts of Gilgit Baltistan. If you are a big fan of lush green sceneries and out of this world lakes then Naltar valley is your go-to place. It has mountains covered in snow, a very beautiful valley, lakes and most importantly, it has the longest chairlift in Gilgit.

In short, it is the perfect spot for families who want to have some family time in a cool and quiet place.

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is located in the district of Azad Kashmir. In addition to its breathtaking scenery and views, the area is well-known for its fishing and angling activities. Neelum Valley is a great place to visit if you and your family enjoy fishing and eating trout by the lake. Consider taking a vacation here if you want to escape Pakistan’s oppressive heat in June and July.

Deosai Plains

Because of its vast and expansive plains, the area is sometimes referred to as “the land of giants.” Another name for the Deosai plains is the second-largest plateau on Earth. It is located in the region of Gilgit Baltistan. August is the ideal time to visit since it is exploding with millions of vibrant wildflowers, which is a sight not to be missed.

Additionally, there is a national park that is home to numerous endangered animal species, including brown bears and markhor, the national animal of Pakistan. Given that children can experience a wide variety of Pakistani flora and fauna, it is undoubtedly a great place for them to holiday.

Swat Valley

Has anyone not heard about the remarkable Swat valley? Did you know that Malala Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, is also from the Swat valley? Swat is located in Pakistan’s Malakand province. There are lots of waterfalls, beautiful scenery, and vegetation in this area.

The area is also well-known for its emerald mining and stones. Numerous exquisite pieces are readily available at a very reasonable price. Ladies, please visit SWAT if you are looking for stone jewelry.


The stunning and ancient city of Bahawalpur is located in Punjab, Pakistan. If you have a strong interest in historical sites, you ought to go to Bahawalpur. The city is loaded with remarkably attractive buildings and polo grounds. Hunting and horseback riding are also popular in Bahawalpur.

You should view the Noor Mahal and Darbar Mahal both buildings belonged to the royal family of Bahawalpur. The palaces look magnificent at night.

Some of the other places that you should see are Abbasi Masjid, Bahawalpur zoo, Derawar Fort and the national park. If you and your family members have a passion for history then you should not miss Bahawalpur. Try traveling there in winter because the city gets extremely hot during summers.


This area is one of the top family holiday spots in 2020. Who wants to spend an outrageous amount of cash on exotic beaches and wonderful seafood when you already have Gwadar? Gwadar is a port city located in Baluchistan. You can enjoy the stunning Arabian Sea from Gwadar.

Kallang beach and Gwadar beach are no less than any other beaches in the globe. You may visit the Hammerhead, Omara, Princess of Hope and national parks located in the city.

Saif ul Malook

It is one of the best family vacation spots on a budget. Jheel Saif ul Malook is situated in the Kaghan Valley. The place is breathtaking and often regarded as heaven on earth. The crystal clear water and wildflowers leave you in awe. There is a myth that fairies come to this lake on the 14th of the lunar month.


Every Pakistani knows about Murree. We all have been there at least once in our life.

Murree is one of the most prominent vacation places in Pakistan. Every year, thousands of people visit this location. It is a 45 minutes’ trip from Islamabad. The picturesque hill station is capturing hearts for centuries now.

The hill station was founded by the Governor of Punjab, Sir Henry Lawrence in 1851. It was originally utilized as a sanatorium for the British troops. With the passage of time, it became one of the most popular holiday locations in Pakistan.

Mall Road in Murree is notable for its market where you can get many of local things including as key chains, decoration pieces, garments, embroidered pieces, and wood products.

You can also take a stroll at the Kashmir point. The pleasant breeze and beautiful trees lend further beauty to the place. Also, do not forget to appreciate the chairlift in Patriata. Trust me, it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You can view the whole city from up there.

While you are in Murree, don’t forget to taste hot pakoras and chutney from Chara Pani. Mall road is also crowded with uncountable street food booths such as soup, fries, karahis, burgers, fries, pakoras, and broasts, etc. Murree also has a cinema. That implies you can also enjoy your favorite movie over there. In short, Murree is one of the top possibilities for vacations. An intriguing fact about Murree is that some people believe that Murree is named after the Virgin Mary.


The next holiday place in our list is Chitral. Chitral is located in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa area and is noted for its magnificent landscapes and valleys. Chitral is great for people who wish to discover distinct music, culture, and rich cuisine. Interestingly, over 14 languages are being spoken in Chitral alone. How cool is that?

While you are in Chitral, do visit the Chitral Polo Ground. The yearly Shandur Festival unfolds in this ground. Also, Chitralis enjoy polo and there are numerous of polo matches going at the place now and then. You can also visit the Chitral museum and Governor House. Did you know that Chitral was the first princely state that acceded to Pakistan after independence? The Mehtar of Chitral, Muzaffar-ul-Mulk, expressed his intention to accede to Pakistan on 15 August 1947.

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