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Shimshal Valley: Pakistan’s Unexplored Paradise

November 10, 2023

Gilgit: Travelers can have an incredible and enthralling experience in Hunza’s Shimshal Valley, an astounding valley, a tiny village, and Pakistan’s hidden gem. When you arrive, Shimshal Valley promises to be a sight to behold. The route there is a little challenging because of the dangerous and uneven roads. Situated at an elevation exceeding 10,000 feet. Furthermore, this village’s isolation makes it stand out from the others while preserving its natural beauty. For those who enjoy the outdoors, visiting this valley offers a captivating sight.

How to Get to Shimshal Valley from Hunza?

Traveling to Shimshal Valley is an experience in itself because of the uneven and unpaved roads. Tough cars, 4x4s, and large vans are needed to get to this valley. Additionally, some jeeps are available for use as public transportation from Shimshal Valley to Aliabad in Central Hunza.

Once you arrive at Passu, the last town on the Karakoram Highway, you can flag down a jeep at any time to go to Shimshal. At a hotel or guesthouse, reserve a seat for approximately PKR 400 to PKR 500 per person. Hitchhiking is another option, though it might take longer in crowded times.

Where to Stay in Shimshal Valley?

Travelers might wonder what is the best place to reside while visiting Shimshal Valley. The Shimshal Embassy Guesthouse & Camping Site is the best choice for visitors to stay. This hotel offers proximity to the main point of Shimshal and affordable rates with fresh food.

For those seeking a traditional stay, the price is PKR 800, which can be divided among the visitors. However, a shared toilet is also provided. Rooms with attached bathrooms range from PKR 2000 – PKR 3000. Moreover, there may not be warm water available due to extreme weather.

Places to Visit in Shimshal Valley

While Shimshal Valley is primarily known for its captivating and visually stunning scenery, there are a few other noteworthy locations that should not be missed in order to enhance your trip and provide you with priceless memories.

Below are the places that tourists should consider while visiting Shimshal Valley:

Shimshal Pass

It’s the Shimshal Pass that will astound you. It is among the greatest locations in Shimshal Valley and is also referred to as Pamir. The trail passes by snow-capped mountains, through verdant meadows, and alongside a variety of yaks. Situated at an altitude of more than 4700 meters (15,419 feet) above sea level, this hike begins and ends in Shimshal Valley and takes around seven days.

Yazghil Glacier

A daytime trip to the Yazghil Glacier will be an ever-alreminiscing experience. This glacier is situated about a three-hour walk from the main village, offering spectacular sights of glaciers in a natural environment. It’s a true gem for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

To put it briefly, Shimshal Valley is an undiscovered beauty and hidden gem in Pakistan. Try visiting this captivating beauty whenever you need a vacation from your hectic life. It will enchant you and temporarily erase your troubles.

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