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Thai Monk Visits Buddhist Sites in Swat

August 7, 2023

SWAT: According to the most well-known Thai monk, Arayawangso, Buddhist sites in Swat are significant to Pakistani Buddhist history and should be visited by Buddhists from around the world.

Together with his 20 pupils and other Thai people, he was touring the Buddhist sites. The delegation’s first day included stops at the Swat Museum, Saidu Sharif Stupa, and the monk’s place of prayer, Butkara Buddhist Monastery.

It was the monk Arayawangso’s first trip to Swat, he claimed. He claimed to have done extensive research on Uddiyana, Swat’s prehistoric name, and its fascinating past.

“I am pleased to view the Buddhist sites and the many different artefacts in the Swat Museum. I would like to see old monasteries and other monuments in Swat visited by Buddhists from the 32 nations of the world,” he remarked.

Delegation member Dr. Nitinant Wisaweisuan, dean of the Puey Ungphakorn School of Development Studies at Thammasat University, expressed to Dawn her admiration for Swat’s scenic beauty and its rich cultural diversity, which includes Buddhism.

“I would like to encourage and invite every Buddhist in the globe to find a chance to visit Swat because here is the location where they will find many Buddhist monuments and sacred locations. The Buddhists can then study about and comprehend how Buddhism developed and spread from this point on, the woman continued.

It was the first time in the history of the area that a high-ranking monk was travelling to Buddhist holy sites in Pakistan for a Rain Retreat Programme and promoting peace, according to Dr. Abdul Samad, director of archaeology and museums, who accompanied the party.

He explained that the monk and his 20 students were in Pakistan for a three-month rain retreat programme, also known as the intense study period when monks stay in one location during the rainy season for a three-month monastic retreat defined by the lunar calendar. He said that while there, the man will be conducting study and engaging in meditation in the Taxila, Swat, Takht Bahi, and Peshawar valleys.

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