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Island’s First Buddhist Temple Now Open to the Public

August 7, 2023

For people who identify as Buddhists, as well as anyone interested in meditation for wellbeing, as well as those who want to experience Thai culture, it has been described as a “great opportunity.”

It’s in Baldrine and provides a welcoming social atmosphere in addition to comfort, support, assistance, and spiritual guidance.

Thai head monk Maha Gone relocated here to oversee the temple’s opening.

“The temple is of great importance for the fairly sizable Thai community here,” he said.

Nearly 94% of Thais identify as Buddhists, and a sizable portion of Thai society places a great deal of importance on visiting temples.

The Buddha’s teachings are disseminated, meditation is taught, and funeral rites are traditionally performed by monks. They also provide emotional support and encouragement.

He stated that there was a “great desire” for a Buddhist temple on the island, and some Thai residents who had been here for a considerable amount of time had initially brought Buddhist monks to the island in the hopes of establishing a temple.

The project was also initially supported by the local Thai community, which Maha referred to as being “very generous.”

A Buddhist temple is a place to acquire the wise, psychologically sound, incredibly liberating, and practical teachings of the man known as Buddha, he claimed.

“Meditation classes are taught, and they give many people well-being, a sense of peace and understanding, and to those who participate more, the ability to understand and embrace fundamental reality.”

This leads to contentment, a long-lasting happiness that is founded inwardly and independent of anyone or anything else.

“People would benefit from visiting the temple for those reasons, in addition to the delectable Thai food, cultural ceremonies, and delight the Thai people have in sharing with others.”

On Sunday, the temple was formally opened to the public, and a sizable crowd showed up to tour the building.

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Despite being currently accessible, the temple is still very much a work in progress. It is entirely dependent on the contributions of supporters for its financial support.

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