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Sikh Yatra in Pakistan: A Spiritual Journey to Remember

August 19, 2023

Pakistan is a nation with a diverse religious population in addition to a rich history and culture. Sikhs make up a sizable portion of the numerous religious minorities present in Pakistan. Pakistan has a long and illustrious history with the Sikh population, and Sikhs from all over the world appreciate Pakistan’s several significant sacred monuments. Therefore, Sikhs from many countries throughout the world, such as the UK, Canada, America, and India, enjoy participating in Sikh yatras (pilgrimage) in Pakistan.

Travellers can visit some of Sikhism’s holiest sites by doing the Sikh yatra in Pakistan. Visits to different gurdwaras (Sikh places of worship) in Pakistan, including Nankana Sahib, Panja Sahib, and Dera Sahib, are frequently part of the yatra. These gurdwaras may be found throughout Pakistan, and each one has a distinct background and significance.

The Nankana Sahib Yatra is among the Sikhs of Pakistan’s most well-liked pilgrimages. The birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, is Nankana Sahib. The Gurdwara Janam Asthan, the most sacred Sikh temple in Pakistan, is housed in the town of Nankana Sahib, which is situated in the Punjab region. Numerous Sikhs from all over the world come to Nankana Sahib every year to honour Guru Nanak Dev Ji and ask for blessings.

In addition to Nankana Sahib, Sikh yatras include a number of other significant gurdwaras in Pakistan. These include Dera Sahib, which is situated in Lahore, and Panja Sahib, which is situated in Hasan Abdal. A rock bearing the handprint of Guru Nanak Dev Ji can be found in Panja Sahib, which is thought to be the location where he rested while travelling. Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Sikh guru, was executed at Dera Sahib.

In recent years, Sikh tourism in Pakistan has been gradually increasing, and numerous travel operators now provide packages for Sikh yatras there. One such tour company is, which is regarded as one of Pakistan’s top businesses for planning Sikh yatras. The business provides a variety of packages for Sikhs from all over the world, including the UK, Canada, the United States, and India.

The packages provided by contain a variety of amenities like lodging, food, and transportation. Additionally, the firm offers knowledgeable tour guides who are knowledgeable about the background and significance of the numerous gurdwaras in Pakistan. For instance, the Nankana Sahib tour package provided by incorporates a trip to the Gurdwara Janam Asthan in addition to other significant gurdwaras including Panja Sahib and Dera Sahib.

For Sikhs from all over the world, the Sikh yatra in Pakistan is a singular and enlightening event. The nation is revered by Sikhs as well as people from other religious faiths, and it has a rich history and culture. One of the top tour companies in Pakistan for planning Sikh yatras is, and its packages include a variety of services that make the journey hassle-free and enjoyable. An experience you should absolutely think about is a Sikh yatra in Pakistan if you’re a Sikh wishing to go on a spiritual quest.

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