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Pakistan’s Tourism Industry Grow With a 115% Surge in Foreign Arrivals in 2023

January 3, 2024

Pakistan experienced a noteworthy 115% surge in foreign tourists in 2023, which made a big contribution to the nation’s foreign currency revenue, which reached an astounding $1.3 billion. The impressive expansion was disclosed by Wasi Shah, the acting minister of state for tourism, in a private news channel interview.

Data from the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations’ “World Tourism Barometer” show that, in 2023, Pakistan showed an astounding 92% recovery to pre-pandemic levels. This comeback was propelled by an impressive 115% increase in visitor numbers over the prior year.

Minister Wasi Shah was upbeat about the future, predicting that 2024 will bring about further change for Pakistan and cement its standing as a dominant player in the world tourist industry. He outlined intentions to find additional undiscovered travel locations in Sindh and Balochistan, including adventure, religious, nature, weekend, rural, and tribal tourism. He also underlined the continuous efforts to promote tourism.

Minister Shah emphasized the variety of Pakistan’s topography, which includes immaculate beaches, towering cliffs, verdant woods, undulating hills, charming valleys, and meandering rivers. He stressed that Pakistan’s tourism potential may be showcased by the incoming administration through these natural wonders, which are generally unexplored and pristine. The Minister expressed the opinion that more tourists, both locally and outside, might be drawn to these hidden gems.

In order to further expand the tourism industry, Wasi Shah emphasized the government’s commitment to streamlining processes and promoting private sector participation. He pointed out that Pakistan actively engaged in international trade exhibitions, such as the World Travel Mart (WTM), showcasing the nation’s tourism potential. The Pakistani pavilion at WTM London, one of the biggest travel exhibitions globally, was a great success, drawing in a good number of travelers, international travel agency officials, and social media heavyweights.

Minister Wasi Shah In response to a question, expressed his gratitude for Pakistan being named the world’s top tourist destination, viewing it as a gift for the country. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to promoting cooperation with the commercial sector and expediting procedures in order to support the expansion of tourism. In closing, the Minister expressed optimism for the future growth of Pakistan’s rapidly expanding tourist sector.

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