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Pakistan Launches Yatra Booking Portal for Sikh Pilgrims

November 9, 2023

Pakistan Launches Yatra Booking Portal for Sikh Pilgrims

The Punjab Chief Minister opened the reservation website for Sikh pilgrims traveling to Pakistan to participate in the Nankana Sahib Yatra and other revered Gurdwaras.

The first religious tourism program was started under the chief minister of Punjab’s instruction in order to assist Sikh pilgrimages and foster interfaith cooperation.

This platform facilitates the efficient preparation of Sikh pilgrimages worldwide by providing them with online hotel booking, transportation, and security service hiring options.

Sikh pilgrims will travel in safety and securely thanks to the provision of security services; nonetheless, they will receive VIP treatment while in Pakistan.

Sikh pilgrims would experience warm hospitality, CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi said in a media statement, guaranteeing a memorable and rewarding religious pilgrimage. He promised to give the Sikh pilgrims the greatest amenities available.

The Punjab Chief Minister declared the formation of a tourism police force to improve the safety of religious tourists in the state.

A Parbandhak Committee member, Dr. Mimpal Singh, praised CM Naqvi’s efforts in this project and expressed gratitude for the creation of the Sikh Yatra Booking Portal.

“The Sikh yatra can become more convenient for our community with the launch of this portal,” Mimpal Singh stated. Sikh pilgrims travel to Pakistan four times a year.

According to him, the pilgrims treasure their trips to Pakistan and frequently come back as goodwill ambassadors.

He commended Mohsin Naqvi’s initiative and saw it as a big step in the right direction toward fostering religious tourism in the nation and fortifying cultural links.

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