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Own a Lakeshore Farmhouse with Zero Down Payment in Islamabad / KPK

July 5, 2024


Are you desiring to own a farmhouse in the scenic landscapes of Islamabad or KPK? Lakeshore City Housing Society offers you the perfect opportunity to turn that dream into reality with zero down payment options. Whether you’re looking for a serene retreat or a place to call home, Lakeshore’s farmhouse ownership plans make it affordable and accessible for everyone.

Own a Lakeshore Farmhouse with Zero Down Payment in Islamabad  KPK

Lakeshore City offers the perfect solution – a chance to own your farmhouse with zero down payment. Yes, you read that right! We’ve eliminated the initial financial load, making farmhouse ownership in the stunning Islamabad/KPK region more accessible than ever.

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What is Lakeshore City?

Lakeshore City Housing Society is an exclusive residential community situated near Khanpur Dam. We are famous for our breathtaking natural landscapes, offering residents a serene environment to relax and reconnect with nature. Lakeshore farmhouses provide a unique opportunity to experience this peace firsthand.

Lakeshore Farmhouses

Imagine owning an affordable farmhouse where you can relax in peaceful surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lakeshore’s farmhouses offer you the perfect retreat and simple ownership plans, whether for weekend getaways or permanent residences.

Affordable Farmhouse Ownership

At Lakeshore City, we understand that financial concerns are important. That’s why we’ve designed a revolutionary ownership plan with zero initial cost. This eliminates the initial financial burden, allowing you to spread the cost of your Lakeshore farmhouse over a convenient 5-year installment plan.


Rest assured, Lakeshore City has received all necessary No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant authorities. This ensures that our farmhouses meet legal standards and provide a secure investment opportunity for our residents.

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Installment Plans

  • Minimal Installment Cost

With Lakeshore’s flexible ownership plans, becoming a Farmhouse owner is easier than ever. The society presents a 5-year payment plan with zero down payment, allowing you to spread the cost of your ideal farmhouse over time. Say goodbye to upfront fees and make it suitable for farmhouse owners to manage their finances while enjoying the calm retreats of luxury living in vacations and special offers.

  • Transparent Pricing

Lakeshore City has eliminated all additional charges, including booking fees, possession charges, half-yearly fees, and any hidden costs, and is offering zero initial costs. This transparency ensures that farmhouse owners can plan their investments effectively without unexpected financial burdens.

Development Status

Lakeshore City Housing Society is continuously developing to provide the best living experience for its residents. The society has completed necessary infrastructure projects and is expanding its amenities to include world-class facilities. From state-of-the-art sports complexes to gourmet dining options, Lakeshore is committed to improving your quality of life.

Lakeshore aims to create a sustainable and profitable community for all residents, including farmhouse owners.

Encouragement for Farmhouse Owners

Investing in a Lakeshore farmhouse offers peaceful getaways and benefits amidst natural surroundings, as well as access to premium Lakeshore retreats at zero initial costs. Enjoy a lifestyle of luxury and comfort with affordable Lakeshore farmhouses.


Don’t miss this great opportunity to own a Lakeshore farmhouse! With our zero down payment plan, farmhouse ownership is now more accessible than ever. Escape the city and adopt a peaceful retreat in the stunning Islamabad/KPK region. Lakeshore City offers affordable farmhouses with suitable ownership plans, allowing you to spread the cost over a 5-year installment.

This transparent pricing structure with zero initial cost eliminates the financial burden of upfront fees. Invest in your dream Lakeshore farmhouse today and experience the beauty of nature. Welcome affordable farmhouse ownership and a luxurious lifestyle at Lakeshore City!

Contact us today to explore your farmhouse ownership options and start living your dream at Lakeshore City.


Q: Is there really no down payment required?

Yes! Lakeshore City offers a zero down payment option for all our farmhouse plots.

Q: What are the installment plan options?

We offer a transparent 5-year installment plan with minimal costs.

Q: Are there any hidden fees associated with purchasing a farmhouse?

Absolutely not. Lakeshore City is committed to transparency. We’ve eliminated all booking fees, possession charges, half-yearly fees, development charges, and confirmation charges.

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