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Enjoy Peaceful Farmhouse Getaways by the Lakeshore City

July 2, 2024


Owning a Lakeshore Farmhouse is more than just a property investment; it’s an investment in farmhouse retreats and a luxurious lifestyle. And now, we’re making that lifestyle even more accessible with peaceful gateways, tranquil retreats, and special offers exclusively for our valued farmhouse owners.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and satisfy in tranquil retreats by the Lakeshore City. Known for its serene environment and luxurious amenities, Lakeshore City offers the perfect destination for peaceful getaways and memorable farmhouse vacations.

Explore exclusive Lakeshore experiences and discounted Club Memberships tailored for Lakeshore Farmhouse Owners. Lakeshore City Housing Society presents incredible offers designed to improve your living experience with premium amenities and personalized services.

What is Lakeshore City?

Lakeshore City Housing Society is a famous residential community near Khanpur Dam in Islamabad. Known for its scenic beauty and top-notch facilities, Lakeshore offers residents a serene environment and a range of modern conveniences.

Farmhouse Retreats

Discounted Membership

Lakeshore Farmhouse owners enjoy significant special offers on all our club membership levels. This means you can experience the best of Lakeshore Club at discounted membership options.

Exclusive Deals

We offer additional peaceful getaways for farmhouse owners on membership upgrades, event tickets, and other Farmhouse retreats. Stay tuned to never miss out on these incredible savings and Lakeshore retreats.

Enhanced Farmhouse Retreats

 Keeping a farmhouse means you can host amazing gatherings for your loved ones, enjoy vacations and access to peaceful getaways and farmhouse retreats, and relax in our tranquil haven after a workout.

Transparent and Affordable

At Lakeshore City, we believe in clarity and affordability:

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs associated with our farmhouses. The discounted plot prices for farmhouse owners are clear and upfront.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer convenient 5-year installment plans with exclusive deals for all Farmhouse owners, making joining an easy and budget-friendly decision.


You can rest assured that your Lakeshore Club Membership investment is secure and legally protected. Lakeshore City Housing Society has received all the necessary No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant authorities, ensuring all members’ transparency and peace of mind.

Installment Plans

  • Minimal Installment Cost

With Lakeshore’s flexible payment plans, becoming a Farmhouse owner is easier than ever. The society presents a 5-year payment plan with minimal installment costs, allowing you to spread the cost of your ideal farmhouse over time. Say goodbye to upfront fees and make it convenient for farmhouse owners to manage their finances while enjoying the tranquil retreats of luxury living in vacations and special offers.

  • Transparent Pricing

Lakeshore City has eliminated all additional charges, including booking fees, possession charges, half-yearly fees, and any hidden costs. This transparency ensures that farmhouse owners can plan their investments effectively without unexpected financial burdens.

Development Status

Lakeshore City Housing Society is continuously developing to provide the best living experience for its residents. The society has completed necessary infrastructure projects and is expanding its amenities to include world-class facilities. From state-of-the-art sports complexes to gourmet dining options, Lakeshore is committed to improving your quality of life.

Lakeshore aims to create a sustainable and profitable community for all residents, including farmhouse owners.

Encouragement for Farmhouse Owners

Investing in a Lakeshore farmhouse offers peaceful getaways and benefits amidst natural surroundings, as well as access to premier Lakeshore retreats at discounted rates. Enjoy a lifestyle of luxury and comfort with Lakeshore’s tailored offers for farmhouse owners.


Owning a Lakeshore Farmhouse isn’t just about achieving a property; it’s about opening a world of peaceful getaways, tranquil retreats, and exclusive Lakeshore experiences. Imagine relaxing in your farmhouse, surrounded by serene nature, and then launching to explore the world-class comforts of the Lakeshore Club – all at a discounted price for valued farmhouse owners.

At Lakeshore City, we are committed to providing exceptional value and a transparent investment experience. With our flexible 5-year installment plans with minimal costs and no hidden charges, owning a farmhouse retreat becomes a budget-friendly reality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to adopt a life of peace, luxury, and special Lakeshore retreats. Contact Lakeshore City Housing Society today and explore the possibilities of owning your very own farmhouse haven. Let us help you craft a story of tranquility and amazing farmhouse vacations for you and your loved ones.


  1. What is the discount percentage for Lakeshore Farmhouse owners on club membership?

The specific discount percentage varies depending on the chosen membership tier. Please get in touch with our sales team for detailed information.

  1. Can I combine my farmhouse discount with other club membership promotions?

In most cases, yes! Our sales team can advise you on which offers can be combined for the most feasible savings.

  1. How do I claim my special offer as a Lakeshore Farmhouse owner?

When you inquire about or apply for a club membership, simply provide proof of farmhouse ownership. Our team will ensure you receive the exclusive discount.

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