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Murree Scrambles to Finish Snow Preps by December 15

December 21, 2023

RAWALPINDI: After seeing 13 various tourist facilitation centers, including those in Lower Topa and Jhika Gali, the commissioner for Rawalpindi gave the local government till December 15 to finish getting ready for the winter season.

According to a spokesman, the deputy commissioner of Murree was given instructions by Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha to make sure that a computerized record of all vehicles entering the town during the snowy season exists. Additionally, he gave the go-ahead to create a thorough traffic and security plan.

The spokesperson claimed that while in the district to set up the facilitation centers in Lower Topa and Jhika Gali, he gave the orders to Murree DC Zaheer Abbas Shirazi. The local police officer was with him.

According to the spokesperson, 13 facility centers that were connected to a control room had been set up at various locations throughout Murree.

The officials were briefed on the plans to assist tourists while they were there. According to him, it has the same shuttle service as last year. All construction will not be permitted for the three months that snow is predicted. Motorcycles will not be permitted to enter the expressway between December 15 and February 15.

In a similar vein, the representative stated that during snowfall, salt would be sprayed on the roads to clean them as quickly as possible.

They also mentioned that the facility centers were allotted to officials. During the snowy season, all agencies will operate on high alert, they claimed. This would happen around the clock.

According to the spokeswoman, the commissioner had also given the officers instructions to maintain all snow removal equipment in working order and to place it at strategic locations.

In order to “avoid any issues during the snow,” the official also gave orders to speed up construction on a U-turn that is currently underway for the bypass.

The spokeswoman stated that the commissioner demanded that malfunctioning street lights be fixed. He also gave the government the order to bring charges against the Murree tree-cutting crew.

The spokeswoman cited the RPO when stating that police officers will be assigned to various shifts in order to support and facilitate the tourists.

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