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Lakeshore City Presents Exclusive Offers at Future Fest 2024

April 4, 2024

What is Future Fest 2024?

Future Fest 2024 is the biggest shopping expo in Pakistan. It aims to bring together cutting-edge concepts, innovative technology, and dynamic creativity. It is a ten-day family festival. Visionaries, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from all over the country are coming here. It is a celebration of progress. Future Fest 2024 provides a stage for the exhibition of cutting edge developments in a range of industries. These industries include entrepreneurship, technology, food, and much more. 

Future Fest 2024 is adding value to the celebration of Ramadan. You can get a wide range of items in this festival. Everything is here, from branded dresses, shoes, and jewelry to mehndi and food. This festival intends to excite, educate, and ignite participants’ imaginations with a dynamic schedule of events, expos, and interactive experiences. This event provides a platform for people from various industries to showcase their talent and expertise to the world. It plays a vital role in propelling the spirit of innovation in Pakistan.

Where and When is Future Fest 2024 Happening?

Future Fest began on March 31, 2024. It will continue throughout the last ten days of Ramadan. It is happening in Lahore at the Expo Center. There are many interesting things to see and do there. These include engaging in art displays, tasting different food, enjoying qawali night, and exploring new technology. It is the best time for all to get together and honor creativity and innovation.

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Lakeshore City – Making Waves at Future Fest 2024

Lakeshore City is a renowned pioneer in luxury real estate. It is getting attention for bringing the biggest revolution in real estate. Now, it is ready to strike waves at Future Fest 2024. It is Pakistan’s biggest and most awaited shopping expo.

In this expo, Lakeshore City is preparing to exhibit its premium and most demanding properties, which are located in the perfect location near Islamabad. Lakeshore City is also NOC-approved and famous for its amazing views and scenery. People trust Lakeshore City because of its dedication to quality and an eye toward the future. 

Lakeshore City stands out by establishing a standard for comfort and style. It is all set to provide an immersive experience to Future Fest guests. It is an extraordinary chance for the people of Lahore. They can now make the dream of owning a prestigious property a reality.

Lakeshore City’s Pre-Launch Eid Sale at Future Fest 2024

Lakeshore City offers the ultimate luxury and exclusivity at Future Fest 2024. It offers an amazing pre-launch Eid sale. Leading the way in opulent real estate, Lakeshore City is set to captivate guests with its exceptional range and prices. Lakeshore City has a variety of luxury properties in sought-after locations close to Islamabad. It includes:

Lakeshore Farms

Lakeshore Farms provides a delightful getaway to the countryside. Here, tranquility and adventures combine in beautiful surroundings. The farmhouses range in size from 2 to 8 Kanals. They are located in the perfect location, where you can experience the natural beauty of the surroundings. Owning a Lakeshore Farmhouse entitles you to exceptional benefits that turn every moment into a treasured part of the Lakeshore experience. These perks include:

  • Free boating excursions
  • Discounts on membership fees
  • Exclusive deals on stays at the Lakeshore Resort

Lakeshore Residencia

Lakeshore Residencia offers a pinnacle of contemporary living. With flexible and affordable installment plans, you can make your ideal house a reality. Different plot sizes are available, ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. If you prefer apartments, you can select from studio flats and one- to two-bedroom apartments. It has no up-front fees like a down payment, booking fees, or confirmation fees. Also, its monthly installments are as low as 25,000 PKR

Lakeshore Resort & Club

Do you want to experience peaceful and luxurious living? You should consider Lakeshore Club & Resorts. It Offers its respected members an unrivaled combination of exclusivity and relaxation. It provides unique advantages. These include:

  • Access to exclusive clubs
  • Access to the membership of reciprocal international and national clubs
  • Inexpensive packages for Lakeshore residents and farmhouse owners


As Future Fest 2024 promotes technology, innovation, and art, Lakeshore City invites you to experience the pinnacle of luxury living. Lakeshore City is offering a once-in-a-lifetime offer: exclusive discounts and early access to premium properties. There has never been a more suitable time and place to invest.

Come to Future Fest 2024, and let Lakeshore City help you achieve your goal of buying a home.

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What is Future Fest 2024?

Future Fest 2024 is the biggest shopping expo in Pakistan, exhibiting advancements and creativity in a wide range of industries.

When and where is Future Fest 2024 happening?

At the Expo Center in Lahore, Future Fest 2024 began on March 31, 2024, and will continue till the last ten days of Ramadan.

How can I benefit from Lakeshore City’s Pre-Launch Eid Sale?

Come to the booth of Lakeshore City at Future Fest 2024 and explore exclusive offers. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own your dream home at incredibly low prices.

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