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Lakeshore City Corporate Connection Meetup 2023

October 16, 2023

Introduction to Corporate Connection Meetup

Al Sadat Marketing and Lakeshore City recently launched a lavish event named the “Corporate Connection Meetup” as a spectacle of business, culture, and innovation. The purpose of the event, which was organised under the inspirational direction of Syed Sadat Husain Shah, Chairman of Lakeshore City and Al Sadat Marketing, was to strengthen the relationship between Lakeshore City and its network of dealers and to give a general overview of Lakeshore City. 

This gala demonstrated Lakeshore City’s unwavering dedication to offering top-notch amenities to Pakistan, with the renowned Imran Abbas serving as brand ambassador.

Chief Guests of the Event

Ch. Nawaz Basra – President of International Business Community in USA

Ch. Nawaz Basra is the president of the International Business Community in the USA and the chairman of ICCI.

Ch. Nawaz Basra, a well-known member of the global business world, attended the occasion. In his remarks, he praised Lakeshore City as one of Pakistan’s finest societies. He emphasized that Lakeshore City can increase tourism and advance Pakistan’s economy considerably.

Ghulam Mustafa Nahra – Chairman of Nahra Ambulance

The chairman of Nahra Ambulance, Ghulam Mustafa Nahra, praised Lakeshore City for its unwavering commitment to quality and expressed his appreciation for the organization. His statements emphasized the importance of Lakeshore City’s commitment and labor, which is changing the real estate market in Pakistan.

Irfan Ali Shah

Irfan Ali Shah, a well-known and respected individual, spoke at the “Corporate Connection Meetup” and shared his insightful opinions on Lakeshore City. He eloquently and excitedly discussed the breathtaking beauty and strategic importance of Lakeshore City’s position.

Mr. Shah vehemently emphasized how these two crucial elements might play a role in influencing the regional economy. With its stunning vistas and serene surroundings, Lakeshore City’s magnificent beauty makes it a desirable residential location and a significant draw for both tourists and investors. This region’s scenic beauty can entice visitors from far and wide, boosting tourism and the local economy.

Hamid Javed Awan – DGPR Punjab Government

As the Director-General of Public Relations for the Punjab Government, Hamid Javed Awan is a renowned and well-respected individual who gave the “Corporate Connection Meetup” a sense of official gravitas and significance. His attendance at the occasion as the principal guest served to highlight the significance of Lakeshore City’s initiatives and its wider ramifications.

Mr. Awan’s remarks at the occasion were genuinely motivational. He lauded Lakeshore City passionately as an example of imaginative urban planning, development, and implementation. In his remarks, he recognized Syed Sadat Hussain Shah, Chairman of Lakeshore City, for his crucial contribution to accomplishing this lofty objective.

Raja Rauf – CEO Brain Designer UK Pakistan and President, Pak-UK Trade Forum

Raja Rauf, a well-known and genuine business luminary, attended the “Corporate Connection Meetup” with distinction. Mr Rauf provided much international experience and insight to the event as the CEO of Brain Designer UK Pakistan and President of the Pak-UK Trade Forum, thus enhancing its significance.

In his speech, Mr. Rauf applauded and passionately recognized Lakeshore City’s significant role in advancing tourism and altering Pakistan’s real estate market. He explained how Lakeshore City has become a catalyst for growing tourism nationally and internationally.

His remarks had a universal appeal and highlighted Lakeshore City’s potential to be a real game-changer in the Real Estate sector. Mr. Rauf’s perspective clarified how Lakeshore City is a project with broad implications rather than merely being a local endeavor.

Mr. Rauf’s comments amply demonstrated the world community’s interest in Lakeshore City. His recognition of Lakeshore City as a significant player in the real estate industry highlights the city’s ability to attract attention, investments, and partnerships on a global scale. This viewpoint strengthens Lakeshore City’s reputation as a forward-thinking organization.

Syed Sadat Husain Shah: The Man Behind The Vision

As the “Corporate Connection Meetup” ended, Syed Sadat Husain Shah, the inspirational Chairman of Lakeshore City, took the stage in an emotional moment. He spoke to the assembled crowd, and the intensity in his voice reflected the extraordinary trip he had taken, the unshakable dedication he had shown, and his profound vision for Lakeshore City.

In a moving and passionate speech, Mr. Shah provided a glimpse into his difficult yet motivational journey toward realizing Lakeshore City. He described the difficulties and obstacles he and his team overcame, demonstrating the resiliency and perseverance necessary to concede a goal of this magnitude.

The audience was shown a list of Mr. Shah’s accomplishments, which were astounding. These successes demonstrate his personal growth and dedication to the transforming potential of hard effort and vision. Under his direction, Lakeshore City serves as a living example of the notion that goals can be attained with unrelenting tenacity, perseverance, and a dedication to excellence.

Throughout his address, Mr. Shah emphasized the socioeconomic impact and broad ramifications of Lakeshore City’s growth. His goal included rethinking the nature of contemporary living in Pakistan and developing a thriving residential and commercial area. His remarks emphasised Lakeshore City’s mission to establish new benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Lakeshore City: The Beacon of Excellence

Pakistan’s Lakeshore City is a pioneering community that provides top-notch amenities and services that were formerly thought to be only a distant dream. Lakeshore City has established new benchmarks for Pakistan’s real estate sector under the direction of Chairman Syed Sadat Husain Shah.

The society is a showcase for creativity, progress, and greatness. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure, top-notch healthcare facilities, educational facilities, sports facilities, and recreation spaces, all intended to give residents a healthy and active lifestyle.

The strategic location of Lakeshore City, which provides stunning views of the surrounding natural beauties, demonstrates the city’s dedication to developing the tourism industry. The society’s initiatives support the government’s goal of promoting regional economic development and tourism.

Imran Abbas, the brand’s ambassador, represents Lakeshore City’s passion for excellence and the community’s commitment to advancing a contemporary and progressive Pakistan.


A spectacular and vital event, the “Corporate Connection Meetup,” was sponsored by Al Sadat Marketing and Lakeshore City. It gathered influential individuals from diverse fields to honor Lakeshore City’s remarkable potential. The occasion demonstrated the society’s commitment to offering unmatched amenities, fostering tourism, and assisting Pakistan’s economic development.

While Syed Sadat Husain Shah’s closing remarks emphasized the visionary leadership that has propelled Lakeshore City to its current state, the speeches from the principal guests emphasized the transformative potential of Lakeshore City.

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