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All About the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)

October 14, 2023

In an attempt to boost the potential of the tourism industry in the country, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) will promote 10 villages as model rural tourism destinations in the country. The villages have also been added to the list of the best tourist destinations maintained by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as informed by the Managing Director PTDC Aftab ur Rehman Rana.

UNWTO has also launched the Global Best Tourism Village initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to protect the culture and landscapes around these and preserve the traditions, crafts, architecture and unique practices of the residents.

He also shed light on the importance of rural tourism which can have an impact on the economy from the local to national level. Well, that’s not it, the expected boost in the local tourism sector would also put these villages on the path of development with improved facilities.

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, more commonly known as PTDC, is a government body that is primarily responsible for the development and promotion of the tourism industry in Pakistan. It also works towards projecting a positive image of Pakistan by promoting its enchanting landscapes, magnificent mountain peaks, beautiful rivers, fascinating cultures, spiritual and historic locations, and mesmerizing grandeur. The organization also uses performing arts, literature and music to unlock the tourism potential of the country.

To help you learn more about the Pakistan Tourism Development Authority, we have brought you a detailed guide that will answer all of your pressing questions about the history, role, services, and functions of the organization.

About Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation was incorporated on March 30, 1970, as a Public Corporation Limited owned by the Government of Pakistan and governed by a board of directors. Its head office is located inside Pakistan Secretariat in Islamabad.

PTDC was restructured in March 2019 following the formation of the National Tourism Coordination Board a year prior. It has now enabled all of the provinces to formulate their own tourism strategies in accordance with their respective budgets.

The vision of PTDC is to boost the tourism industry in Pakistan by promoting its geographical assets, cultural heritage, natural beauty, and archaeological sites. It deems the development of the tourism sector as a national priority and aims to create a sustainable environment that improves the quality of life in the country.

The tourism development corporation of Pakistan also strives to provide domestic and foreign tourists with top-notch facilities and amenities while ensuring the preservation and protection of our cultural and moral values. It works in close partnership with the private sector to encourage a tourist-friendly image of Pakistan. PTDC also owns and runs several hotels, resorts and motels near popular tourist attractions in the country to provide low-cost accommodation options for travellers and sightseers. It also offers transportation for tourists in certain parts of the country.

The main objectives of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation include advertising and marketing the tourist products of Pakistan, producing quality publicity material and organising promotional activities to attract more tourists. It also encourages the private sector to actively participate in enhancing the tourism sector through various campaigns, seminars, and workshops. The PTDC tour packages and ground handling of these tours also aid in improving the positive image of Pakistan along with boosting domestic tourism. The PTDC package rates are also extremely reasonable.

PTDC is also responsible for the development and improvement of tourist Information centres, hotels, motels and other tourist infrastructure in Pakistan.

Tourism in Pakistan

From the majestic mountain ranges and charming meadows in the north to stunning coastlines and centuries-old archaeological sites in the south, Pakistan offers an eclectic mix of tourist attractions to nature lovers, adventure seekers and history buffs alike. Whether you enjoy trekking through treacherous terrains, rafting in fast-flowing rivers, desert jeep safaris, trout fishing, exotic bird watching, yak polo or simply camping under the canopy stars surrounded by dense coniferous forests, you won’t run out of things to do and places to visit in Pakistan.

Pakistan is home to five of the 14 highest independent mountain peaks in the world including K2, which is the second-highest mountain in the world at 8,611 metres. The alpine meadows in Gilgit-Baltistan, stunning green valleys in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, imperial Mughal-era buildings and rich cultural heritage of Punjab, the historic sites and Sufi shrines in Sindh, rugged mountain and pristine beaches in Balochistan, and the spellbinding natural beauty of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can easily make one fall in love with Pakistan.

Tourism in Pakistan has seen a significant boost in recent years. For example, the Forbes Magazine, which is a popular international publication with a wide-ranging readership, ranked Pakistan among the top 10 coolest places to visit in 2019. Later, American luxury travel magazine Conde Nast declared Pakistan as the number 1 holiday destination for 2020, further strengthening the position of Pakistan as an emerging tourist hotspot.

While many factors have contributed to the popularity of tourist attractions in Pakistan, one cannot deny the role of the government in spreading awareness about these destinations and projecting a positive image of the country. The relaxed visa policies and government initiatives such as the launch of Kartarpur Corridor and the introduction of modern camping pods in the northern areas have all helped in improving Pakistan’s tourism ranking.

The affordable yet comfortable accommodation options as well as the hospitality of the local population are also two of the most important factors behind the growth of the tourism industry in Pakistan.

Functions and Services of PTDC

  • Production of promotional material for tourists and its distribution through the foreign missions of Pakistan, tourist information centres, offices of the Pakistan International Airlines, travel agents, tour operators, and hoteliers
  • Creating promotional campaigns about tourist attractions in Pakistan for domestic and foreign media
  • Participation in international events, seminars, conventions, exhibitions, fairs and workshops either independently or in coordination with the private sector
  • The design and execution of tourism development projects in Pakistan
  • Identification, planning and development of tourism infrastructure across the country
  • Management of PTDC Motels (Pvt.) Ltd, which owns and operates hospitality units near tourist destinations in Pakistan with low private investment
  • Management of Pakistan Tours (Pvt.) Ltd, which handles the domestic and international tour groups on the ground. It also provides them with transportation facilities

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