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Here Are The List of Churches in Pakistan

October 24, 2023

Since the arrival of Christian missionaries in the area following the arrival of the East India Company in the 16th century, there have been churches in Pakistan. Many churches were constructed for British Army officials when Pakistan became a nation following the end of British rule.

For the thousands of families who joined Pakistan after its independence, these churches became their primary places of worship. The churches continue to be an important component of Pakistan’s history and stand for religious harmony and peace in the nation. The Church of Pakistan, which consists of Methodist, Anglican, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches, was created in 1970 as a result of the churches’ union.

An Overview

The majority of the churches in Pakistan were built during British rule. As a result, they look very similar to churches in England. They have high towers, extensive round roofs, and curved glass windows. This unique architectural style gives these churches an impressive and outstanding look.

The architectural style of the churches tends to be uniform across the world, with some prominent features such as vaulted ceilings, bell towers, and arches. The churches in Pakistan represent a mix of traditional local architecture and the more universal architecture that is typical of the churches around the world.

Christians are the second largest religious group in Pakistan. The government has tried to keep these old churches safe and in good condition. It is incredible that some of these beautiful buildings, which show the Christian belief in Pakistan, have now been named national heritage sites.

Types of Churches

Type of Church Description 
Catholic Church The largest Christian denomination in the world, led by priests and bishops, with a centralised hierarchy and belief in the authority of the Pope. 
Protestant Church Part of the Protestant Reformation, with a wide range of beliefs and practices, but generally shared a belief in the Bible as the sole authority for Christian faith and practice. Common types of Protestant churches include Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, and Presbyterians. 
Eastern Orthodox Church, The second largest Christian denomination in the world is led by patriarchs and metropolitans, with a decentralised hierarchy and belief in the authority of the seven ecumenical councils. 
Oriental Orthodox Church, A group of seven churches that broke away from the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century led by patriarchs, with a decentralised hierarchy and belief in the authority of the first three ecumenical councils. 
Non-denominational Church Not affiliated with any particular Christian denomination, with a wide range of beliefs and practices, but generally share a belief in the Bible as the sole authority for Christian faith and practice. 

Churches in Pakistan

Pakistan has 557 churches in total. These are scattered in various cities across the country. Some of these churches were built over 100 years ago, making them historically and culturally important. The oldest church in Pakistan is believed to be the Saint Joseph’s Church in Lahore, which was founded in 1842.

Being a historically significant city, Karachi has the highest number of churches in Pakistan, followed by Lahore and Rawalpindi. These churches not only serve as a place of worship for the Christian community but also as a place of community gathering where Christians come together to celebrate various religious celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. On religious occasions, these churches are lit up with decorative lighting and are embellished with several colourful ornaments.

List of Churches

City Church 
Islamabad Apostolic Charismatic Ministry ACM 
Islamabad Khatoon-e-Fatima Church (Our Lady of Fatima Church) 
Islamabad Lambs Church Assemblies of God Lambs Church AOG 
Islamabad Protestant International Church 
Islamabad St. Thomas Church 
Islamabad Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) Church Islamabad Full Gospel Assembly Church Islamabad 
Lahore Assembly of Believers 
Lahore The Methodist Church of Pakistan 
Lahore Church of Christ Ministries of Pakistan 
Lahore Church of St. Mary Magdalene 
Lahore Immaculate Conception Church 
Lahore Presbyterian Church 
Lahore Sacred Heart Cathedral 
Lahore St. Andrew’s Church 
Lahore St. Anthony’s Church 
Lahore St. James’ Church 
Lahore St. Joseph’s Church 
Lahore St. Mary’s Church 
Abbottabad St. Luke’s Church 
Bahawalpur St. Dominic’s Church 
Bannu St. George’s Church 
Faisalabad Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul 
Faisalabad The Jerusalem Methodist Church of Pakistan 
Gojra Sacred Heart Church 
HaripurSt John’s Church
GojraSacred Heart Church The Methodist Church 
Hyderabad St. Francis Xavier Cathedral 
Hyderabad St. Thomas Church 
Karachi Brooks Memorial Methodist Church 
Karachi Christ Church Drigh Road, Drigh Road 
Karachi Christ the King Church 
Karachi Church of Our Lady of Fatima 
Karachi Dr. Luke United Methodist Church, Safoora Goth 
Karachi Holy Trinity Cathedral 
Karachi International Church of Karachi 
Karachi Our Lady of Fatima Church 
Karachi Philadelphia Pentecostal Church 
Karachi Sacred Heart Church, Keamari 
Karachi St. Andrew’s Church, also known as Scotch Church 
Karachi St. Anthony’s Church, Cantt 
Karachi St. Anthony’s Church, Manora 

Some Other Churches are:

Karachi St. Christopher’s Church 
Karachi St. Francis’ Church, Haji Camp 
Karachi St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Qayyumabad 
Karachi St. John’s Church, Drigh Colony 
Karachi St. Jude’s Church 
Karachi St. Mark United Methodist Church, Malir Cantt 
Karachi St. Lawrence’s Church 
Karachi St. Patrick’s Cathedral 
Karachi St Paul’s Parish, Azam Basti 
Karachi St. Theresa’s Church, Korangi Township 
Karachi Stella Maris Church, Korangi Creek 
Kasur Our Lady of Sorrows Church 
Kotri Christ Church United Methodist Hill Parish 
Kotri Immaculate Conception Church 
KhushabEmmanuel Church
 KhushabSalvation Army Church 
 KhushabChurch Quaidabad City Catholic
Multan Cathedral of the Holy Redeemer 
Multan Cathedral of Resurrection 
Multan Poiema Christian Centre 
Murree Church of Seven Sorrows 
Murree Holy Trinity Church 
MianwaliChashma Church Kundian Mianwali Catholic Church Chak 
Nathiagali St. Matthew’s Church 
Peshawar All Saints’ Church 
Peshawar St. John’s Cathedral 
Peshawar St. John’s Church 
Peshawar St Michael’s Church 
JhelumSt. John’s Church
Nowshera Protestant Church 
Nowshera Protestant Church 
Nowshera CathedralChurch 
Quetta Holy Rosary Church 
Quetta St. Mary’s Church 
Dunga GaliSt John’s Church, Dunga Gal
Dera Ismail KhanSt John’s Church Nasri Glorious Church
Rawalpindi Christ Church Rawalpindi 
Rawalpindi Nicoll Memorial Church 
Rawalpindi Sacred Heart Church 
Rawalpindi St. Andrew’s Church 
Rawalpindi St. Joseph’s Cathedral 
Rawalpindi St. Mary’s Church 
Rawalpindi St. Paul’s Church 
Rawalpindi Holy Family Catholic Church 
Rawalpindi St. John’s Church 
Sanghar St. Paul’s Church, Sanghar 
Sargodha St Francis Xavier’s Church 
Sialkot Divine Family Church 
Sialkot True Way Ministries Church 
Sukkur St. Mary’s Church 
Sukkur St. Xavier’s Church 
Thatta John Wesley Methodist Church 

St. Paul’s Church, Rawalpindi

One of the oldest churches in Rawalpindi is St. Paul’s Church, which was founded in 1876. It was initially built for Scottish soldiers in the British Army’s Northern Command, but after Pakistan’s independence in 1947, it was acquired by the Presbyterian Church.

The church, which was once in Rawalpindi and had a red-brick exterior and wooden ceilings, has recently undergone renovations and been painted grey. It is situated across from General Headquarters (GHQ). Large stained-glass windows with images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary decorate its main prayer hall. St. Paul’s Church, which has a seating capacity of close to 800, has been performing baptisms for more than a century.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Karachi

A church characterised by its unique red-brick building, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral adds to the architectural richness of the Karachi city. The church was built in 1881, making it one of the oldest churches in the country.

Its prominent features include arched windows with stained glass decorated with religious scenes, using high-contrast colours. The church also has a beautiful outdoor area with sculptures mounted on an elevated platform accessible by stairs. The church has an indoor seating capacity for up to 2,000 worshipers at a time.

St. John’s Cathedral, Peshawar

Another historic church in Pakistan was built in the 1850s: Saint John’s Cathedral in Peshawar. This church was also built to serve the British soldiers and their families stationed in the area, similar to some of the other churches. Red bricks are used in the construction of the church. The ceiling has a distinctive v-shape, and there are grand chandeliers.

St. Matthew’s Church, Nathiagali

Another famous church in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region is Saint Matthew’s Church. Located in the scenic hill station of Nathia Gali, it is a picturesque cedarwood church surrounded by tall spruce trees. The church stands tall against the backdrop of lush green mountains, making it one of the most scenic churches. It is a popular tourist attraction accessible via a brief hike from the main Nathia Gali market.

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Multan

The city of Multan is not short of historical architecture that is diverse in nature. The Saint Mary’s Cathedral adds to this rich architecture. Constructed in 1858, it is a magnificent red-brick church which has firmly established itself as one of the city’s largest and most ancient churches. It was originally constructed for British Army personnel in the region and currently serves as the residence of the Bishop of Multan.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore

The historical importance of Lahore to various cultures and religions is well known. It should come as no surprise that it is home to one of Pakistan’s most illustrious churches. One of the city’s most stunning churches continues to be the Sacred Heart Cathedral. The church, an architectural marvel with numerous tall towers and a dome that draw tourists from all over the nation, is so named. It can hold up to 1,500 worshipers simultaneously.

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