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A Tourist Guide to Namal Lake

October 24, 2023

Beautiful artificial lake named Namal Lake can be found in Punjab, Pakistan’s Mianwali District, in the Namal Valley. Known for its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, it is a well-liked tourist destination.

Mountains, forests, and farmland encircle the lake. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the lakeshore, go on a hike through the nearby hills, or go swimming, boating, or fishing in the body of water.

Namal Lake Overview

Namal Lake, situated close to the village of Rikhi in the remote corner of Namal Valley within Mianwali District, Punjab, Pakistan, came into existence after the construction of Namal Dam in 1913. The dam is approximately 32 kilometres away from Mianwali. The enchanting lake spans an area of 5.5 square kilometres and was created by British engineers in 1913 to address the region’s needs for irrigation and drinking water.

The lake is flanked by mountains on both sides and is surrounded by fertile agricultural lands. During the winter season, this serene lake becomes a temporary home for migratory birds, hosting thousands of waterfowl such as Russian ducks and Siberian cranes. Tourists are treated to a captivating sight, with the lake and the encircling mountains providing a visual delight.

The misty mornings and picturesque sunsets at the lake offer a soothing spectacle. Its scenic beauty and the tranquil ambiance by the riverside, where you can listen to the harmonious melodies of the birds, provide a perfect escape to rejuvenate your mind.

How to Get to Namal Lake

  • Head north on Islamabad Expressway/M-1.
  • Take exit 15 for Dera Ismail Khan Motorway/M-14.
  • Follow Dera Ismail Khan Motorway/M-14 for about 230 kilometres.
  • Take exit 24 for Namal Lake.
  • Follow the signs to Namal Lake.
  • The total driving distance is approximately 249 kilometres and the driving time is approximately 3 hours and 23 minutes.

Things To do at Namal Lake Mianwali

  • Water sports: Namal Lake is a great place to go swimming, boating, and fishing. Several boat operators offer rentals and tours of the lake.
  • Sightseeing: The lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery, including mountains, forests, and farmland. Visitors can enjoy a stroll along the lakeshore or take a hike in the surrounding hills.
  • Adventure sports: Namal Lake is also a popular destination for adventure sports such as paragliding, rock climbing, and rappelling. Several tour operators offer these activities.
  • Bird watching: The lake is home to a variety of birdlife, including waterfowl, raptors, and songbirds. Visitors can go bird watching on their own or take a guided tour.
  • Camping: You can go camping. There are several campsites located around the lake, some of which offer basic amenities such as toilets and showers.
  • Picnics: This lake is a popular spot for picnics. Visitors can bring their own food and drinks or purchase food from the vendors who operate near the lake.

Where to Stay Near Namal Lake

  • Guesthouses: There are local guesthouses where you can experience the warm hospitality of the people of Mianwali.
  • Hotels in Mianwali: You can also find comfortable hotels in Mianwali city, which is a convenient distance from the lake.
  • Camping: For the adventurous souls, camping by the lake is an option, provided you follow the local guidelines and regulations.


  1. Where is Namal Lake located?

Namal Lake is located in the Mianwali district of the Punjab province in Pakistan. It’s about a 30-minute drive from Mianwali city.

  1. How to reach Namal Lake?

Travelers can reach Namal Lake by road. The nearest major city is Islamabad, and from there, it’s approximately a 3 to 4-hour drive.

  1. What activities can you enjoy at Namal Lake?

Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, and picnicking at Namal Lake. The serene surroundings make it an excellent place for relaxation and photography.

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