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Gateway to History | Pakistan Gandhara Art Promotion for Tourism

July 19, 2023

Beginning in the sixth century B.C., the ancient kingdom of Gandhara flourished in what is now Pakistan. Officials are making an effort to attract more tourists by emphasizing the country’s rich Buddhist history.

Local authorities in Pakistan have extended invitations to Buddhist monks and nuns from several countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and South Korea.

The visitors are taken on excursions to museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites across the country.

On Monday, some of the visitors went to a museum in Islamabad. They knelt in front of an ancient statue and said their prayers.

The government also sponsors conferences where scholars can exchange ideas about the Gandharan culture.

Pakistan’s economy slumped last year due to the huge floods and other causes.

Before that time, the tourism business was severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The current industry crisis is exacerbated by the actions of terrorist groups in the region of the Afghan border.

The Prime Minister has appointed Ramesh Kumar Vankwani as chairman of the Taskforce on Gadara Tourism. He said that historically Gandhara culture was not supported. He also said that the economy would benefit from an increase in visitors.

The Pakistani official has high hopes that an increase in tourists coming to view Gandhara art will help the country’s economy.

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