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Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani’s Conference About Ghandara Tourism

July 18, 2023

According to Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Minister of State and Chairman of the Task Force on Gandhara Tourism, promoting religious travel may be crucial in creating a plan for the nation’s success. 

Speaking at a news conference held here on Friday, he said that participants from all over the Buddhist world, including Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, had attended the recently held Gandhara symposium, which was headlined “Cultural Diplomacy and Revival of Gandhara Civilization and Buddhist Heritage in Pakistan.”

According to him, promoting such events would not only aid in the growth of local tourism but would also result in thousands of employment across various industries, from transportation to hospitality. 

He added that religious travel would contribute to the positive image of Pakistan abroad and the warmth of the Pakistanis.

According to him, delegates from 31 different nations came to the Gandhara Centre and expressed happiness after learning about the life of the Buddha. “I wish tourists would visit Pakistan and learn about its history,” stated Dr. Kumar. 

I want to encourage tourism in Pakistan because that is where Gautama Buddha’s narrative began.

Additionally, he noted that the Malaysian delegation had extended an offer for a cultural exhibition to be held in Malaysia to promote Pakistan’s rich cultural history. The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight Pakistan’s cultural civilization.

He also provided information regarding the King of Thailand’s forthcoming 70th birthday, set for July 28. After the festivities for this important anniversary, there are plans to introduce a constitution that would make it easier to welcome millions of people.

In addition, he noted that the Thai delegates had brought 70 Buddhist stupas. Each stupa will receive a thorough briefing that details its historical and cultural significance. 

“Pakistan’s citizens, including security organizations and other stakeholders, must do their part.” Dr. Kumar says Pakistan is here because of the military’s sacrifices. “Promoting religious tourism is crucial for GDP growth, and tourism can play a significant role in the nation’s economy.”

Dr. Kumar noted that Vietnam made $30 billion from tourism and that a chartered jet to Pakistan for tourism marketing had also been provided to the Vietnamese delegation. He highlighted that the country would develop and terrorism would end as tourism increased.

Adding that the international “Ghandhara Symposium” was a success and will foster peace, interfaith unity, and a welcoming environment for visitors, he claimed that religious tourism would promote Pakistan’s soft image.

He claimed that a draught of the “Takshashila Declaration,” which sought to open windows to promote Gandhara art and tourism, was shared with monks.

According to Kumar, a website called has been set up to help travelers who want to visit the Pakistani Gandhara archaeological sites. He said the platform will speed up the visa application procedure for visitors.

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