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Gandhara Cultural Heritage Research Center Opens in Islamabad

July 18, 2023

The Gandhara Cultural Heritage Research Centre (Centre) was inaugurated on Thursday at the Islamabad Museum by the Cultural Heritage Administration of the Republic of Korea (CHA) and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (KCHF).

On the Korean side, the event was attended by Administrator (Minister level) H.E. Mr. CHOI Eungchon of CHA and President (Secretary level) Mr. CHOI Youngchang of KCHF, Ambassador H.E. 

Mr. SUH Sangpyo of the Korean embassy in Islamabad and on the Pakistani side, Honourable Engr. Amir Muqam, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Federal Secretary Ms. Farina Mazhar of The primary event comprised the unveiling of the plaque, the presentation of the donation plate, the cutting of the ribbon, and a visit to the Centre.

At the time, Engr. Amir Muqam stated that the Government of the Republic of Korea had generously provided technical and financial support for establishing the Gandhara Cultural Heritage Centre in Islamabad. It will assist in establishing a systematic method for preserving and protecting Pakistan’s overall cultural legacy and the Buddhist cultural heritage of Gandhara in particular. 

Pakistan is an exceptional nation with a strategic location that has made it historically and currently significant. It will continue to have this position for all of the time. He continued by expressing his gratitude to the Korean government for its continued interest in and support of Pakistan’s cultural legacy, particularly for preserving and promoting the Buddhist history of Gandhara. 

According to Ms. Farina Mazhar, Pakistan, and South Korea have long-standing, cordial cultural ties. Notably, the links are strengthened by Buddhism, a religion that promotes peace brought to Korea by Gandhara in the 4th century A.D. There is a feeling of brotherhood between the two nations due to Buddhism’s introduction to Korea via Gandhara. This shared religious element from our illustrious past is crucial for further securing our cultural and religious ties.

She continued by saying that our collaboration with South Korean institutions in cultural heritage spans three decades if we look back. The National Heritage and Culture Division’s Department of Archaeology and Museums and its Korean counterparts continue to work together in archaeological study, museum operations, and cultural heritage preservation.

Korean institutes usually offer training programs for Pakistani professionals working in cultural heritage. In 2002, we collaborated on an archaeological study project with the Dongguk Buddhist University of Korea for excavations at the Taxila Buddhist site. 

The Buddhist Art of Gandhara is the most fascinating topic for Korea’s predominately Buddhist people. In 1999, 2002, and 2017, we sent exhibitions of Gandhara Art to South Korea, all well-received and widely liked by the audience. 

Buddhist monks from Korea routinely travel to Pakistan’s sacred sites to experience spiritual enlightenment, which is a significant source of inspiration for Buddhists worldwide.

This project is a blatant illustration of how Pakistan and Korea work together. The government of Korea is helping the Gandhara Research Centre by providing finance, technical support, and capacity building, as well as training and fellowships for professionals, researchers, and students working in cultural heritage.

It also entails the transfer of technology, know-how, and expertise from Korea to Pakistan in fields including preservation, digitization, and museum administration.

According to Ms. Farina Mazhar, the Korean government’s aid indicates its dedication to the preservation of cultural heritage, international cooperation, and sustainable development. It also displays the ability of culture to unite people and nations and to promote respect and understanding. She appreciated the Korean government for supporting the project with such kind of official support.

Dr. CHOI Eungchon, Administrator (Minister) of Cultural Heritage Administration, Republic of Korea, stated that the year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Korea will be enhanced by the historic opening day of the Gandhara Cultural Heritage Research Centre. 

The significant cultural legacies of Pakistan and Gandhara have been protected for future generations since 2021 by the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation. He continued, “Pakistan and Korea share a solid historical link because of Pakistan’s enormous and precious Buddhist legacy.

According to the Korean ambassador, SUH Sang Pyo, Pakistan has the most Buddhist sites, and encouraging religious travel can significantly stabilize Pakistan’s economy. 

He described Pakistan as a friendly country towards Korea and noted that Pakistan’s historical religious, and cultural artifacts were quite distinctive. 

He claimed that Korea would deliver cutting-edge gear in accordance with its agreement with the Pakistani government to facilitate the finding of priceless artifacts and historic locations in Pakistan.

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