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Discover Skardu – A Comprehensive Travel Guide with Exciting Things to Do

November 23, 2023

Skardu should be at the top of your list if you travel across Pakistan’s northern regions due to its fantastic topography and weather. It has glistening lakes, verdant valleys, a blue and white sky canvas, and refreshingly cool breezes.

The area offers breathtaking scenery, rich cultural history, and exhilarating activities. This location appeals to various interests, including history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and cultural vultures.

Skardu is a beautiful place to astound you and leave you with lifelong memories. There’s plenty to discover, from the calm lakes, breathtaking mountains, rich cultural legacy, and exhilarating activities. This undiscovered jewel in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan area has plenty to offer, including historical landmarks, stunning scenery, and thrilling activities.

Once you arrive in this enchanted location, we have put up a tourist guide with activities to do in Skardu. To make your trip to Skardu genuinely unforgettable, do these things:

Visit Shangrila Lake

This location, Upper Kachura Lake, is a treasure of Skardu that became Shangri-La when a resort was constructed around it.

The restaurant at this well-known resort was constructed atop the wreckage of an abandoned airplane. If you are driving from Skardu to Shangri-La Resort, it will take about 20 minutes. The Lake is a magnificent man-made lake that descends from the upper Kachura Lake and has blue, transparent water.

You will always treasure the captivating experience of visiting Shangri-Lake. Your vacation would be a fantastic pleasure because of the pure air and the breathtaking beauty of the massive mountains encircling the lake.

Trek to K2 Base Camp

This journey to the K2 base camp would appeal to you if you enjoy hiking and are searching for something different. Situated amidst the Karakoram range and the Himalayas, it offers a unique hiking experience. This journey stands out from others since it is considered one of the most genuine and challenging treks in the world, given that K-2 is the second-highest peak globally.

Trekking the K-2 base camp involves crossing and marching down the 63-kilometer Baltoro glacier, the world’s fifth-longest glacier, despite its lack of popularity. The “Throne Room of Mountain Gods,” a Concordia at the terminus of the Baltoro glacier, is the best place to see K2 and other breathtakingly gorgeous peaks rising above 8000 meters.

Discover Satpara Lake

The stunning Satpara Lake, also known as Sadda Lake, is a naturally occurring lake close to Skardu that provides water to Skardu Valley.

When Satpara Lake freezes over in the winter, from November to December, you can visit the lake to enjoy fishing, boating, or rowing, along with the captivating snow scenery. This stunning area has long been hidden from the outer world, but it is starting to draw travelers who come to explore this pristine, undisturbed nature.

You may reach the fabled island in the middle of the lake using a country boat. According to a well-known urban legend, a gold mine may be beneath this lake, and the locals take these rumors seriously.

Explore Shigar Fort

Next on our list is the Shigar Fort, a stunning example of architecture between the vast Shigar plains in the center of Skardu Valley. A jewel in and of itself is the chilly sand of the well-known Shigar desert. The most popular tourist destination in Skardu is Shigar Fort, a massive piece of history.

Built over 400 years ago, the entire structure of Shigar Fort is composed of stones and sturdy foundations. It was once known as the Palace of Rock, but these days it houses large families as a guest home and has a great hall in the middle where valuable artifacts from Baltit culture are displayed.

Witness Manthal Buddha Rock Carvings

Before Muslims entirely populated the region, Baltistan was formerly entirely inhabited by Buddhists. According to certain historians, Gilgit Baltistan was the primary entry point for Buddhism in the Hindukush and Afghanistan regions.

As a Buddhist-dominated area, people carved numerous Buddha images into the sides of mountains and big boulders. In the past, it served as a means of spreading Buddhism at the time and safeguarding it for upcoming generations. Muslim preachers swarmed the area in the fourteenth century, turning the entire area into an Islamic society. The engravings on the flat surfaces are the only remnants of the Buddhist era.

Experience Deosai National Park

Deosai, which the locals call “Ghbiarsa,” highlights the qualities that make it a perfect location in the summer. “The Land of Giant or Shadows” is what the word Deosai refers to. Due to the terrible winter weather, this location is only accessible to locals and tourists during the summer.

Large areas of wilderness, elevation, a wealth of species, and erratic weather can all be found there. A variety of plants and animals give the Deosai Plains in Skardu Valley their captivating appearance.

This stunning location is in the Gilgit Baltistan region, above 4114 meters above sea level, between Skardu, Astore, and Khamang.

Visit Kharpocho Fort

Constructed in the sixteenth century, this fort is a prominent landmark in Skardu. Perched at the summit, this location provides a fantastic view over the captivating scenery encircling the fort. It’s on our list of must-try travel foods.

Located at the intersection of the Skardu Valley and the Indus River, the fort serves as a central hub. The woodworking and artistic abilities in building this fantasy fort are remarkable. To keep the invader at bay, the path to the fort was purposefully made treacherous and constrained.

Persian writings have also been inscribed on the fort’s walls because renowned Dogra kings proclaimed Persian to be the official language of the area.

Attend a Polo Match

For decades, Gilgit Baltistan’s residents have enjoyed playing polo, dubbed “the game of kings and the king of games,” as it is an excellent occasion for celebration.

In the area, there is a belief that Polo started here. Freestyle polo—the purest and most authentic kind—is played here. There is a natural polo field in Skardu where people travel far and wide to watch summertime matches between Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral.

Shandor Polo is one of the most well-known polo festivals, and prominent armed forces and administration members participate. Additionally, it airs live on television. You must see Polo’s legacy if you ever get the chance to travel to Skardu.

Shop at the Local Bazaar

Gilgit Baltistan is only one of the cities in Pakistan that exhibit the famed bazaar culture. Because of the area’s well-known mineral reserves and abundance of valuable stones, you can purchase unique presents from Skardu for your loved ones or yourself.

Additionally, some gem merchants sell handcrafted jewelry from the north; however, these pieces are more expensive and need learning the art of Bart to purchase. These are valuable, locally-made jewels.

You might discover woolen caps and shawls among the unique apparel items at the Skardu local bazaar. The clothes that people wear to cope with the winter are a strong reflection of Skardu’s culture.

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Wrap up!

Traveling to Skardu will enthrall you with its fantastic beauty and exhilarating experiences. Skardu has it all, from the tranquil lakes to the majestic peaks, a rich cultural history, and friendly residents.

Our blog has motivated you to embark on this fantastic journey as your tour guide to Skardu concludes. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, adventure, or history, Skardu has many events that will leave you with lifelong memories.

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Enjoy the colorful culture, take on challenging activities, see historical landmarks, and lose yourself in the beauty of the pristine lakes. Allow the breathtaking scenery and kind people of Skardu to leave a lasting impression on your spirit.

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