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Cape Mount Beach Karachi

December 26, 2023

For those who enjoy the beach and aquatic activities, Cape Mount Beach is a fantastic location. Surrounded by a gorgeous cape with blue waters, it boasts excellent sports facilities. The beach has breathtaking views and is ideal for tourists. Sindh and Balochistan are the two coastal provinces in Pakistan. Beautiful beaches in these provinces entice visitors from all around the nation.

Below, Lakeshore City Blog has compiled all the information you need to know about Cape Mount Beach Karachi:

Cape Mount Beach Location

About 80 kilometers from Karachi, Cape Mount Beach, also called Cape Monze Beach, is situated on the Arabian Sea coast next to Gadani Beach and the Hub Rivers. Sometimes, the locals refer to it as Ras Mauri. The beach stretches across the western suburbs of Karachi, from Mubarak village to Yousuf Goth. This is 25 kilometers long and features both sandy and rocky terrain. 

The Sindh Revenue Department (SRD) is in charge of overseeing the area. It is convenient for many Karachi residents to have a picnic here at this lovely place. Bahria Town Karachi is around 83.2 miles from the beach, but DHA Karachi is only 51 km distant. Cape Monze Beach is a great option for people looking for a peaceful beach experience.


In order to facilitate maritime navigation, the British government built the Ras Muari lighthouse at Cape Monze Beach in 1914. It is regarded as a masterpiece of Indian British government governance. The lighthouse was important in maintaining marine commerce during World War I and was located off the Iranian island of Qais.

Ten miles away, one could see the light coming from the lighthouse. The Cape Monze Beach lighthouse, in contrast to the Manora Point lighthouse, was invisible from the city and from any other well-known beach. Public access to the beach was made possible by the use of camels to carry building materials there.

Things to do

At Cape Monze Beach, you can engage in the following activities:

Sunbathing and Relaxing

On Cape Monze Beach’s sandy shores, take in the sun and unwind. It’s the ideal place to relax, read a book, or take a long nap.


Enjoy a revitalizing swim in the Arabian Sea’s crystal-clear waters. Swimming is generally safe at the beach, but you should always be watchful of the tides.

Beach Picnic

Gather your loved ones for a meal and pack a picnic. There are often designated locations where you can enjoy the lovely scenery and have a picnic.

Water Sports

Take part in a variety of water sports, including parasailing, jet skiing, banana boating, and snorkeling when facilities permit. These beach activities will make your time there more exciting.

Exploring Rock Formations

Well-known for its unusual rock formations is Cape Monze Beach. Investigate the rocks, capture images, and enjoy the area’s inherent splendor.

Bird Watching

 For birdwatchers, the beach area and surrounding cliffs might be a refuge. Bring binoculars and enjoy the variety of birds that call the coastal region home.


Take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding terrain, the beach, and the rock formations. There are great photo opportunities at the beach, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Watching Sunset

Watching the sunset can be a peaceful and lovely experience. The sky is painted a vivid orange, pink, and purple as the sun sets. It’s a time of peace and introspection when the splendor of nature is highlighted. When the sun gently sets and the day comes to an end, many individuals find delight and serenity in just sitting and taking in the beautiful scenery. 


Try your luck from the shore if you’re a fan of fishing. At Cape Monze Beach, fishing can be a pleasant and soothing pastime.

Environmental Conservation

Honor the environment. If there are beach clean-up events, take part in them and remember to pick up after yourself to help maintain the beach’s attractiveness for future visitors.

Ideal Time to Visit

It is best to visit Cape Monze Beach early in the day for a fun-filled day there. Many choose to depart early, before the sun comes up, in order to avoid the intense heat and traffic. When you go there early, you can experience a calm atmosphere with quiet roads and birdsong. The gentle sunlight makes the journey even more pleasant. It’s a great place for family picnics and even educational outings. There are colorful fish in the water, and the shore seems calm. This summer, exploring Cape Monze Beach is a great way to decompress and get back in touch with nature.

Wrap Up

Cape Monze Beach, sometimes referred to as Cape Mount Beach, is a breathtaking location close to Karachi, Pakistan, on the Arabian Sea shore. It provides both beach lovers and adventure seekers with a variety of activities to enjoy, as well as a tranquil ambiance and stunning vistas.

The beach offers a variety of activities, including swimming, tanning, thrilling water sports, exploring stunning rock formations, and birdwatching. 

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1. What is the location of Cape Monze Beach?

A: Cape Monze Beach, sometimes referred to as Cape Mount Beach, is situated along the Arabian Sea coast close to Karachi, Pakistan.

2. What are Cape Monze Beach’s primary points of interest?

A: A clean beach, calm atmosphere, and panoramic beauty are the main draws of Cape Monze Beach. Sunbathing, picnics, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters are popular pastimes for visitors.

3. Is swimming safe at Cape Monze Beach?

A: Yes, swimming is usually safe at Cape Monze Beach, but you should always exercise caution and pay attention to the tides and currents.

4. Does Cape Monze Beach offer any water sports activities?

A: Visitors can typically find possibilities for water sports including parasailing, banana boating, and jet skiing, though individual activities may differ.

5. Is there a cost to enter Cape Monze Beach?

A: For the most recent information, check with local authorities or tourism websites. The admission requirements and costs, if any, are subject to change.

6. Is there a dining establishment near Cape Monze Beach?

A: Sure, guests can enjoy regional food and drinks at the many eateries and food stands that are located close to the beach.

7. What time of year is ideal for visiting Cape Monze Beach?

A: Generally speaking, winter (November through February) is the ideal season to come because of the nice weather that makes outdoor activities possible.

8. Is it permitted to camp at Cape Monze Beach?

A: It’s crucial to confirm with local authorities whether camping is permitted in a given region before setting up camp. It’s best to check the regulations before setting up camp because they can change.

9. How far is Cape Monze Beach from the heart of Karachi?

A: It takes roughly [insert travel time] to drive [insert distance here] by automobile from Cape Monze Beach to Karachi city center.

10. Is there access to restrooms and changing rooms at the beach?

A: For the convenience of guests, there are typically restrooms and changing rooms close to the beach.

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